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Photo: Nina Pope

The Return of the Honesty Table

Very excited to announce that our Honesty Table will be part of our forthcoming mini retrospective at Kettles Yard in Cambridge (from Sept 13 2014).

For those of you not in the know, this is one teensy satellite of a global, slightly anarchic and unregulated network of artist-led honesty shops many of which you can enjoy online here at the International Village Shop. In fact shopkeeper and artist Kathrin Bohm will bring the concept to an event on our Floating Cinema on Sat. 21st September, highly recommended. Other players in the field include Grizedale Arts' permanent Coniston Honest Shop and we are all inspired by the brilliant Kate Rich's Feral Trade project.

How does it work?
Our Honesty Table is based on a low, square Japanese table, as it derived from our 'Seven Samurai' project in Japan. It has space for 6 product ranges at a time, so turnover wants to be pretty swift and product runs should be small, as should the items!
Popular things tend to be home grown fruit / veg (bagged up pref.), jams and pickles, baking, small craft items. Suppliers can label their stuff up with a recommended price but the money collecting jars are not policed so you get what you get! Extra stock can be shelved below the table but suppliers should be prepared to visit the gallery during opening hours often to check on their stock and income.
Items should be hand-made or small scale production and local-ish. Common sense should prevail as there are no guarantees - i.e don't expect to sell raw sausages or home-made porn from it.

Occasionally Nina and I will contribute some stuff, and it's been known to appear on eBay shortly afterwards at a considerable mark-up. We're fine with that :-)

So if you're local to Cambridge and make, bake or gather suitable stock, get in touch if you'd like to 'sell' on the Table during the show.

A little bit B&J

I'm up on Mull at the moment and as we are re-visiting A Hypertext Journal (affectionately known as AHJ to Somewhere) for our Kettles Yard show I've been rather enjoying some time on the Boswell & Johnson trail again. The Ulva ferry is still under the confident command of Donald who took Karen and I over there in 1996 ... I don't, however, recall seeing this very strange little model
In the Mull Museum then!

Busy Busy Busy

What week we have had, with bizarre work-related activities ranging from stencilling our heads on hessian (pictured) to polishing up The Closer We Get and trialling a mini muddy version of Tomorrow, Today for our upcoming Kettles Yard show. It's been mostly very experimental and fun, which is sometimes a rarity with all the admin. so much of our work entails!

Without our actual presence there have also been some great Floating Cinema events curated by us, including a world pop presentation by music uberexpert Kieron Tyler.

It's all going swimmingly :-)

The Year of the Pumpkin

I LOVE this pumpkin photo board that The Friends of Abbey Gardens have been using to publicise our Pumpkinfest in September ... Beautifully modelled here by Andreas who I believe instigated the board production!

You can see everyone who had a go in the hot spot at the Newham Mayor's show here.

The Closer We Get - outreach workshop

Thanks to all at Gorton Stroke Cafe in Manchester and to the Stroke Association for inviting us to deliver what was a really thought-provoking workshop with our new film The Closer We Get.

Contra Band

I had the pleasure of hosting the first night of our new Live Art Commission for the Floating Cinema on Saturday - Contra Band by Leah Lovett. Having produced quite a few pieces of work ourselves over the years which use mobile streaming/communication/live performance Karen and I certainly know the pit falls of this kind of work! I can't say that Contra Band was with out all the regular hitches and glitches that this brings but what it really reminded me, is of the surprise and at times quite intimate joy, working with live remote performance can bring.

This piece is essentially a live music set performed from two venues - one on the boat and one at Casa 24 in Rio. The two musicians alternate singing banned songs from each country while the other tries to accompany them via the live stream. It all makes for a funny, quirky but at times also moving performance. Aside from the music some of the incidental moments that occurred on the move were lovely - a woman in a dog costume dancing in Brazil and a group of small children running alongside us by the canal in Hackney Wick - a sunny evening and some great songs. With Ian Dury and Gilberto Gil in the same set, what's not to like? See it at the next venue at the end of July when we'll be in Central London.

Many thanks to Leah and Sandy as her 'stand in', the musicians Nick Underwood and Raphael Dos Santos and to Philipe Espindola at CASA 24 and LADA for helping us to commission the work.

Umit in the house!

A wonderful evening on board the floating cinema tonight with Liam Saint-Pierre & local Hackney Legend Umit (of Clapton's Umit & Sons) - a wonderful new documentary, some great anecdotes and if course some 'real' film ... All to a packed house.

Tired but happy!

Karen, Kirsten and I enjoying some social time at Kettles Yard at the end of the epic last week of cobbing in North West Cambridge - as you can see Kirsten certainly has a tan to prove her commitment to the cause!
It was great to enjoy a small celebration on site at the end of Saturday with some cobbers from across the project returning - I think Al & Cindy's cakes were as much of a lure as seeing the model itself.
Thanks also to Nathan Burr for being our intern for the last week and this nice picture.

Next Cambridge stop for us will be our own show opening here at Kettles Yard in September - onwards and upwards ...

Tomorrow, Today - The last day ...

Of course an amazing cake to celebrate - Al & Cindy have done us proud!

End of Day 27 of Tomorrow, Today

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