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Repeat to Flourish

It's all systems go here at Somewhere this week, alongside editor Alice Powell we are peddle to the metal trying to finish our archive film (which travels along the route of the K&A from Bristol to London) to show on the Floating Cinema. One of my main jobs has been trying to track down permissions from the 80+ film makers whose work we are using. There have been many frustrating hours on YouTube and following up dead links BUT there have also been some wonderful discoveries.

Today Alice and I were celebrating getting in touch with Sandra the daughter of Eileen Mackay Higgins Antwis a fascinating amatuer film maker who made many cine films between 1958 and 1978 apparantly using a clockwork Paillard Bolex 8mm camera. Amongst these films is an amazing colour record of the CND London to Aldermaston march in 1959. It's beautiful footage and we are really lucky that Sandra has allowed us to use it. The news that she has granted us permission was, I must admit, tempered with sadness though - her mother also shot the Devizes to London Canoe race in the 1970's - another major feature of our film - sadly one that has yet to be digitised by Sandra!

We can't wait to unveil the film next week in Bristol ... on Saturday 11 July at the New Inlet in Bristol's Floating Harbour, 8-11pm or see it on any of the other return journey screenings as follows:

Bradford-on-Avon, 16 July, 12-4pm (on-board)
Devizes, 18 July, 8-10.30pm (open-air screening)
Honeystreet, 20 July, 12-4pm (on-board screening)
Newbury Waterways Festival, 25 & 26 July, (on-board screening)
Brentford Lock, 2 August, 8-10pm, (open air screening)