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Photo: Nina Pope

Swansong at Sunset

Very nice to be in Bristol at the weekend to see our new film 'Repeat to Flourish' launch ... we've now worked with UP projects for five years programming the Floating Cinema and I did feel a bit sad on Saturday night as this is going to be the last programme we do together. We wish them every success with the on-going project, it's been nothing but a pleasure to work on.

On Friday Laura Harford (project curator from UP) and I got together with members of the cube cinema team (THANKS Hogge, David & Jamie) to talk about different ways of approaching exactly this type of project - which is a cinema in every sense of the word, but also independent of the often very restrictive constraints of the more established cinema and film distribution network in the UK.

Laura and I were both really inspired by chatting with the cube team - their project has lasted some 16 odd years as a loose collective, and they take the idea of being independent through every aspect of what they do - from fundraising (and writing their own crowd funding software to buy the cinema building) to film, music, food and drink. So, we were also very happy to host a Cube Cola Lab with Kayle Brandon ... leaving us a concentrated remender of cube independence to drink on our way back to London over the next few weeks.

SO come and enjoy the spirit of independent film afloat as we travel back to London - I will certainly miss the taste of it in years to come!