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Breachacha Castle - Coll
Where B&J apparently stayed during their 10 day lock-in

Boswell's B&B

A couple of weeks ago I revisited Coll, a Scottish Island Karen and I breezed through in our 1996 Boswell & Johnson trail blog-a-thon A Hypertext Journal. On our first trip we only had a few hours to explore around the tiny village where the ferry arrives, but this time I spent 5 long rainy days on the Island looking into family history matters (more here for the curious) and mainly browsing drenched flora and fauna (pictures here for wildflower nerds!). Anyway never one to give up on resolving a project I did cycle down to the Southern end of the Island to see Breachacha Castle apparently one of the spots that the great pair stayed during the 10 days they were stuck on Coll due to inclement weather ... I might even have to get my well thumbed 'Journey to the Western Isles' out for a re-read of the relevant section.