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Plant now spring 2009
Photo: Nina Pope

Can be sown NOW!

As mentioned in previous postings we will be beginning our project What Will The Harvest Be? on site at Abbey Gardens in May 2009, with the realisation of our plans for the Harvest Garden. Although I know lots of people will get involved with the project it's hard not to panic about the mass-germination of seedlings needed to fill such a large space, especially when my studio is already full of seedling trays and lots of boxes of seeds with PLANT NOW written on the top. We have 800 meters of raised beds to fill and make amazing by the end of the season.

SO do get in touch if you're a Newham local & you'd like to be involved with this project, especially if you would like to bring on some seedlings for the project at home. We can post you some of our amazing selection of Chiltern Seeds!