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Celebrities on Coniston
Our It's a Lake District Knock Out heads recycled

Big heads afloat

Not content with our 4 local celebrity effigies from It's a Lake District Knockout
appearing in the competition, they also appeared in last weekend's 'boatdressing' event at the Coniston Water Festival.
They were worn by a number of willing sailors, including Jenny Brownrigg (ex Grizedale Arts, now curator at Duncan of Jordanstone Uni) who made it across sans lifejacket as Beatrix Potter.
Word on the street (singular) in Coniston is that our event was a hit. I might even be asked back next year.

Party Photos

Now we are 10 ...

For those who came along to help Karen and I celebrate 10 years of Somewhere ... We've finally managed to put some of Jet's great photos from the evening up on line ... follow this link to see yourselves!

Thanks to Jet and Anat for documenting the evening


"It's all printmaking in the end you know Nina"
Karen Guthrie

Come on in the Lake's lovely (honest)

Pope & Guthrie's It's a Lake District Knock Out takes place this Sunday here in Coniston and here you see us descending into the enjoyable madness of prop production ...

... And if you think the Peter Rabbits look good wait until you see the daffodils and the super scary version of Ruskin that arrived today in the form of a giant mascot head.

It's been a long time since we've messed about with stencils and spray paint and I must say it's made for a much-needed change from the admin overload representative of Somewhere activities of late!

10 years of tea & cake with Somewhere ...

Hot in Hackney

Just about recovering from the Bata-ville launch and Somewhere party ...

Thanks to everyone who came along to help us celebrate + stuck out the extraordinary pre-thunder-storm Hackney Empire temperature high! It was REALLY nice to see so many friends from projects old and new.

Special mention to Dorian and Tim for their time on the decks (we particularly enjoyed the Sounds of Somewhere and the Somewhere-specific samples boys) and of course thanks to Illumina (especially for the Booze!) and Commissions East for co-hosting the event.

More glamorous photos to follow from Jet ...

Party bag anyone?
Photo: Tim Olden

10 years with somewhere ....

Or no sleep 'til the Hackney Empire ...

Only one more night to go until our 10th birthday party and the London launch of Bata-ville. The London Somewhere base is a whirl of last minute neurotic activity as each person concentrates on their own personal obsession ... Tim is (obviously) mixing the sounds of Somewhere, I have been making cakes in the shape of the number 10 and randomly printing out stickers for each of our projects + Karen is working on the ultimate Somewhere slide show, all to the sound track of an on-going argument about the nature of tunes a mixed crowd of Somewhere collaborators will dance to.

Seen here joined by Lizzy Hobbs for last night's marathon party bag production line ...

It's a Lake District Knockout
Beatrix Potter never looked so scary

Nina Pope - Birthday Girl!

As Nina (I hope) celebrates her birthday in fine style I am waiting for 80's pop star Jesse Rae to stop footering with his ISDN radio station in my barn, so I can have dinner!
He (like us) is doing a project for the upcoming Grizedale Arts Coniston Water Festival here in Cumbria, involving yet more broadband to our mountain - s'thing to do with ISDN and radio being inextricably sadly BT have cleaned up once more here.
I've added a new pic of our mascot heads, for our It's a Lake District Knockout project here - I think they might be Wainright and Beatrix Potter, and I have to say I'm rather chuffed with them - apparently the sculptor is art-school trained (they tell me)....The company we have commissioned were impressed with my guide sketches of the 4 mascots - until, that is, I told them that I to went to art school. I think they were then slightly disappointed.
Tomorrow I design some props for the games - I am particularly looking forward to the clapometer....

Lizzy with East Tilbury children at the start of the Bata-ville animation project
Photo: Nina Pope

Congratulations ... !

Well done to Elizabeth Hobbs (friend and sometime Somewhere collaborator) on winning The McLaren Award for New British Animation at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Where our new friends from Tsotsi took not only the Audience Award but also The Michael Powell Award for Best New British Feature Film.

I think that her film The True Story Sawney Beane is the best to date ... here on Somewhere you can watch the animation that she made for the first stage of the Bata-ville project (follow the 'try and do' and 'education' links)- inspired by stories we'd heard from children taken in a Bata plane to Switzerland and made entirely with shoe laces!