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Tim & Dickon in the Crypt at St. Magnus the Martyr
Sorry for the terrible mobile photo!

Christmas Bells

This is Tim with Dickon Love (a fantastic and rather aptly Tudor name I thought) of `The Ancient Society of College Youths' - a man who knows his bells. Yesterday he VERY kindly agreed to meet us in the Crypt of St Magnus the Martyr (it's the church right by the Fire of London Monument on Lower Thames Street) to let Tim record the society's hand bells. The plan is to hopefully feature them in the soundtrack for 'Living with the Tudors'.

As the Verger (Nick Sargent) was halfway through transforming the Crypt into their Nativity Crib (no holding back on the ambition of his scheme you'll note) the whole thing took on a rather festive feel. I just hope the traffic roaring past by London Bridge isn't going to ruin the recordings.

Thanks to Nick, Dickon and St. Magnus the Martyr for our special Christmas/Tudor peal.

Toge wax model in progress
Rear view

Titchy Toge

Apologies for dodgy picture quality, but here is progress on our 'Titchy / Kitschy' project - a miniature of a Japanese rural home to be editioned. This is the wax prototype so far...

Toge wax model in progress
Front view

Toge snow ...

Aiko just sent us this picture of the house we called home whilst in Japan in the summer, pretty unbelievable transformation. I'm hoping to go there for a short visit in January with my students from the RCA - looks like we could help with some snow clearing.

Karen , Anna & I with John Graham (winner) and other liars
Santon Bridge 2000

Lies Lies Lies ...

I enjoyed hearing Sue Perkins on Radio 4's 'The Lying Game' at the weekend. If you missed the programme it's worth using 'listen again' just to hear the lovely John Graham's voice ... I've no doubt, as Sue said, she robbed him of the Trophy!

The programme managed to capture the atmosphere of the Santon Bridge pub pretty well ... but I do have to take issue with the claim that this was the first year 3 female contestants have taken part! After the Festival of Lying Karen, Anna and I made the journey to Cumbria for the 2000 competition - the least we could do after the sterling work put into the Festival by 'our liars'.

I can confirm it was a terrifying experience - unlike Sue we certainly didn't win ... we did get a certificate though.

Doug Howarth
Is this the most patient man in East London?

Patient People ...

Somewhere have been out of blog action for quite some time ... engaged in tasks that demand a great deal of patience. Between us over the last 2 months Karen and I logged about 70 tapes for our new film Living with the Tudors. Whilst Karen approached the task with sporadic gusto producing funny lengthy hand-written transcripts of our own Z1 footage I tackled the monster that was the tapes shot on various formats by our DOP. My approach is undoubtedly more mundane yet exhibits slightly sick dogged determination. It is an undeniably tedious task but my God it pays off in the edit, and that sense of preparation and probably a serious personality defect on my part give me a perverse sense of satisfaction as I see the neatly logged clips and bins appearing in my Avid logging tool box.

Now though, we get to bask in the heat of full creative flow for 6 weeks of editing, whilst all around us must push their respective levels of patience beyond known boundaries. Pictured right is our fantastic editor Doug ... any man who can sit between Karen and I for hours on end as we discuss each comment from a character & flip through our (extensive!) logs for those elusive, fleeting (and at times I have to confess completely imagined ) perfect cutaways needs the patience of a Saint.

Lisa our production manager certainly proved herself on the shoot but as though that wasn't enough she's now re-lived many of the interviews as she transcribed them for us.

Undeterred by the scoring of our last film Tim Olden now gets out his collection of recorders and harpsichord samples for the score (don't panic just joking!) as Karen and I keep sending him new cuts and MP3's ...

Last but not least, blissfully uninvolved in the film to date Dorian has been plugging away at sorting out our on-line shop within the rigours of various VAT regs., again enough to push anyone's patience to the limit.

Good job I find editing more exciting than almost all other parts of 'being Somewhere'.

Tomas Bata & family
Just one of the great images from the Reminiscence Centre

Reminisce & be thrilled ...

There's two events coming up this week with 'Somewhere connections' that you might be interested in:

Wednesday (25th October) is the Open Day, at the Bata Reminiscence and Resource Centre. It will be open from 11a.m. until 4p.m. all welcome.

If you've seen Bata-ville and would like to take a closer look at East Tilbury & meet the stars of the film this is your chance! I plan to go along for a catch up with their plans for a new building and expansion of the archive.

Then on Tuesday & Wednesday this week (24th/25th) Tim Olden (who writes all the music for Somewhere productions) is 'Horror DJ' at Brendan Walker's two Thrill Laboratory evenings at the Science Museum. Book now to avoid disappointment ... a spooky night out with fish & chips, heart rate monitors and a ghost train thrown in ...

Folk Off ...

Now I am in no way saying I didn't enjoy the Museum of Sorrow 'do' (part-organised by fellow Samurai Ben Sadler) last Friday, but Circulus?! They are SO not my cup of tea ... and despite my love of 'all things re-enactment' I do not want to imagine "what it would be like if I accidentally slipped into a medieval future where I thought it was 1972". But hey, there were a lot of women in nighties in the audience who did want to!

Unlike a lot of other re-enactors I'm not averse to all things of an authenti/modern hybrid nature - Aux contraire. We have spent a lot of time recently thinking about the music for our film "Living with the Tudors" which will be just that (and thanks to Tim who'll be writing it, for the entry title and sharing my Circulus-horror on Friday night "Do you think they're all geography teachers?")

Later on the same weekend I watched "A Knights Tale" ... now that dance scene IS good.

Me backstage with Jen Lou's gay monks
I look like the corrupt one

With the monks

A glimpse from before we supported Bedwyr Williams at the A Foundation in Liverpool a few weeks back...

A letter from Toge ...

The Seven Samurai recently enjoyed a kind of reunion via performance in Liverpool, as well as appearing with Bedwyr as 'rent-a-tudor' backing, I plugged Toge rice as 'the best in the world' during my Tenantspin interview (quite surreal - I stuck to rice and art but Jesse Rae free ranged around bankruptcy, music, banks, slaves, the claymore and back to banks!).
In with the box of shoes, mountain veg. and rice sent over from the village was a letter ... Aiko translated for us and I was delighted to hear that Komi san and the ladies turned our house in to a cafe for the last weeks of the Triennale, apparently enjoying a huge flow through of visitors. I bet they enjoyed the delights of the Toge kitchen more than the rest of the Triennial art fare. This is the first time we have started a project and been almost unable to communicate with the people we've met remotely. Not only do the majority of Toge not have access to the Internet, without having it translated there is little point in us even sending them a long hand letter. It made the box of rice & note that arrived from them pretty exciting.

Image from:


If you happen to be in NYC check out our Bata-ville premiere there with Rooftop films ... they love it!

"This fascinating and charming film is part road trip documentary, part ideological exploration. And for a work of art commissioned as public history project, it is startlingly funny, heartwarming, and humane. At Rooftop Films, we never imagined a bus-trip across Europe with a group of retired shoe-factory workers would be so enjoyable."

Coming up next: A Prague Film Showcase
Bata-ville will be opening this British Council film event in Prague
with a screening at 20.30 on Monday the 25th of September at Kino Svetozor

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