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Me & one of the film-stars
...just before the Zlin screening

More Bata-ville in Zlin pics

Despite the pre-shoot white-out caused by the Tudor project I will blog pictorially with these pics from Bata-ville's recent Czech premiere!

Nina talks to the Guardian
...from 16th century Buchlov Castle

Look at those dumplings
...a typical light Czech snack

Karen feels the fear of our new Z1 vs Digibeta
John Podpadec's steady hand of instruction to her left!

Feel the fear ...

It's now only one week until we start to shoot our next film at Kentwell Hall (living as Tudors for three weeks) and finally, with this imminent deadline, we seem to have reached a format and camera resolution. Here you see us comparing our new 'small' HD camera (a Z1 for camera nerds) to the picture on John's Digibeta that he shot Bata-ville with - all this as as part of our rather overwhelming preparation/crash camera course with him today.

John will be (thank God) filming most of the event but for the 15 odd days that we can't have the crew there Karen and I have to go it alone, at last that boom pole and radio mic. we've owned for years might potentially see the light of day.

Not satisfied with using one new camera we've at last resolved that John will use the Varicam (Panasonic's super delux HD solution) for the first time ... unlike us he seems remarkably unphased by this ... I guess he doesn't also have to practice his Tudor and start a limning this week ... "By Saint Luke".

Lovely Zlín - the view from the House of Art 2006
Photo: Nina Pope

Zlin Film Festival Photos ...

Ordinarily I'd pop these onto the Somewhere site but extreme Tudor preparation prevents me, but for any Bata-ville passengers out their you might like to visit my new Zlín slide show on Flickr ...

You'll see that the 21st building (formerly the Bata Head Quarters) has been finished off in a rather spectacular fashion complete with the re-vamped office/lift and roof-top cafe. Generally to see the way that some of these fantastic buildings have been bought back to life since we visited has really made me think again about what might happen next in East Tilbury.

Next week we're screening the film at Allies and Morrison one of the architects potentially bidding for a slice of the East Tilbury regeneration pie - I will be fascinated to see what they are proposing for the place, and who comes to see the film there. To co-incide with this I hope that Steve Rose is writing a piece in the Guardian about East Tilbury too ... on the phone it sounds as though (like me) he's become slightly obsessed with the place!

Goodbye Zlin

Just sitting at the airport watching lightning and waiting to depart leaving Karen to man our screening at the festival this eve. We have no idea what kind of audience to expect ... Or if news will have reached the Zlin Bata old hands. We've done our best to visit all our contacts and leaflet the festival crowd but the Czechs are certainly a different beast to a Texan crowd ... They might know who Tomas Bata is but we certainly can't tell what they make of us.

"A journey into the unknown"

Blimey the festival parties can not get any better 4 us ... The surprise evening event is at Buchlov castle with ... Guess who ... Mixed era re-enactors ..!

Stranger by the day ...

The festival just gets more and more odd ... There's a lot of simultaneous translation that no one appears to be listening to and this lot singing at the CZ TV party are apparently the stars of a popular series ...

Bata-ville Re-enactment

It's pretty weird being back here ... We can now actually 'see' Zlín in a way that was impossible from the tunnel of filming ... But it's also impossible to revisit anywhere in the film with out us both re-living our lines! Here from todays loving look at the fantastic Zlín shoe museum Marcela's shoes ... 'I remember those ... I wore that exact pair in Prague'.

Back to Zlin with a bang ...

We've touched down back in our favourite CZ town and as you can see from the launch fireworks the film festival is a big deal here. We found ourselves almost straight back at the super odd hotel Moskva (where we spent our Bata-ville nights) for the launch party ... pictures of the creepy crooner band to follow as soon as we locate wi fi ! Always nervous as to where our next meal will be coming from, we panic ordered in the 'mexican themed' hotel restuarant only to be greeted at the party by the most impressive array of canapes seen this side of the 70's, apple-slice-swans, whole roast pigs and 'meat-flavour' icing a-go-go ...

Welcome to Brno
..says Prince Charming

Welcome to the Czech Republic

On arriving at Brno for the Zlin Film Festival I was excited (as was Nina evidently) to be greeted for the first time by one of those taxi signs - and a totally new spelling of my surname.

Film-making by numbers
If only it was this easy...

Film-making by numbers

Somewhere uses all manner of crazy planning techniques - this image shows about a third of our most recent stream-of-consciousness: My studio floor tiled with cards of proposed scenes from this summer's epic 'Living with the Tudors', each one trying to fit into a neat grid of available timeslots on location.
Fat chance!
On second thoughts we could just try throwing the pack of cards in the air and seeing where they land.....