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Roads to Siam
rockin' Tudor stylee

Now I'm REALLY with the band

A few pics from the latest Somewhere recording session, this time for our film 'Living with the Tudors' - we got most of the Bata-ville band back together to record some tracks for Tim Olden's soundtrack. They were given the tricky job of replacing two tracks we had used to placehold in the film while we cut - The Shirelles ' Going to the Chapel' and something dark by Sonic Youth - with something appropriate yet slightly Tudor-y. Undeterred by this ludicrous proposal, we spent what was for me an elucidating weekend sprinting through three tracks with sound engineer Kenny MacLeod who also works at the CCA, so knew both how to get some sense out of both musicians and artists.
'Roads to Siam' are mostly my two brothers Mark & Sean, with Chris Grove and Terry Nelson. We recorded at Chem19 studios outside Glasgow where I was secretly thrilled to read that Teenage Fanclub and Malcolm Middleton had also recorded. We were later joined by the lovely Gaelic choristers (pictured) Emma Deans, Rachael Deans & Kirsty Paterson for some high-pitched la-la ing which I ineptly directed and joined in on, rather flatly I fear.
Thanks to everyone for their work....

the Tudor...

Me in the Egremont FM studio
talking airwaves

Is anyone listening?!

One of the most challenging and interesting projects I am freelancing on at the mo is Creative Egremont, a public & community arts programme in a small West Cumbrian town.
Last week I learnt a lot about the analogue world, as were getting Egremont FM, Egremont's first FM radio station on air, and my digital expertise were shamed by our trusty group of volunteers with soldering irons and mystic knowledge of wave-lengths.
And it got harder, as I was left alone in the Youth centre that houses the station, to broadcast a live radio show solo. By the end of the night I felt I had tried on about a dozen ill-fitting radio personas from indie pop pundit to laidback night-time DJ, to eccentric left-field raconteur.
Give me digital media any day, the analogue world is hard.