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Mrs Motivators (apologies to the one Mr Motivator)

Somewhere enjoys an intense professional development retreat at the temple of Shoreditch cool - Rochelle School - whilst bathed in the warm afterglow of Ms Pope's recent nuptials!
C/o the funders of our recent film Living with the Tudors - Britdoc - we are the willing victims of nearly three days with the almost all female powerhouse that is NYC's Creative Capital programme - a kind of uber motivational and grant-giving arts foundation brought over to pump the UK's independent doc-makers with all-American confidence, strategic planning abilities and an ability to network anyone from a newborn infant to the most recent heir to the Getty empire.
Watch this space to see if we can translate the programme's life-planner book (including a perky ' write your own obituary' section) into the hard reality of a overseas cash sale of our film...


For sale? Our Island Home ...

I recently visited a fantastic model railway exhibition in Southampton with the great layout (pictured) of the imaginary Nandi & Mau Railway. It boasted numerous great features including David Attenborough's crew and David Shepherd capturing wildlife near the track (as shown).

However the whole experience was tinged with sadness as it bought home the imminent crisis of dealing with our own Island home - the 8m x 4m model that is An Artists' Impression. For those who haven't seen it click here for images of the lovingly crafted model developed over several years in constant response to developments in our on-line text based Island game.

Despite successfully touring to many venues and receiving much popular acclaim we are currently storing it at Grizedale and with their imminent building plans we have got to shift it.

SO the time has come - do we:

Put it on ebay?
Store it indefinitely in the hope of a future retrospective?
Hassle the guardians of the digital art world (whoever they are)?
Give it away to a gallery?
Try & find a home at a model railway club?
Put a match to it?

Answers or offers on this comments section please!

Bless you

I have a piece showing in an extraordinary 80 artist / 80 second video project called 'The Sneeze" co-curated by my old friend Pete Lloyd Lewis who I taught with at UCE.
It's at Iziko Aouth African National Gallery [SANG] in Cape Town, South Africa
Visit the website here
Exhibition dates 26 June -28 Oct 2007