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Will does 'Blue Steel'*
*See Zoolander

Beauties of Exmoor

I've put up a gallery of my portraits from my Exmoor residency here...

My work at the Dulverton Town Hall preview

Triparks preview

This weekend I made an arduous but worthwhile trip back to Exmoor for a local preview of my work from the Triparks residency. I had 5 portraits of local people wearing my Exmoor National Dress and also my 20 minute film of the project, which met with much amusement from the locals who recognised their friends dressing up and looking daft.

Sometimes I love my job ...

... can you tell from this picture?

Yesterday Newham Homes (many thanks) allowed me to go up to the top of the tower blocks you see from Abbey Gardens (see image below) and take pictures of the layout from above (all on Flickr here). As we walked over to the block the wind was enough to knock you back and I did have a brief panic about my own sanity. However after a short H&S intro I donned my hi. vis. jacket (as pictured) and we took the lift up and out onto the roof - it was REALLY exciting - and strangely not that windy at all. I used to live on the 17th floor of a similar block in Holloway but I never got out onto the roof ... it felt really different to seeing the view through a window. I was also excited to see the lift mechanism in operation from inside and out - so excited that once I came down I got a call revealing I had completely missed a meeting scheduled for that afternoon at home!

What Will The Harvest Be? From these phantom beds?
Photo: Nina Pope

Mark Up Day

Over on the What Will The Harvest Be? Blog you can read about our antics at the weekend trying to layout the design for Abbey Gardens (this photo was taken a couple of days later, with less people and string) and about Karen's encounter with garden goddess Carol Klein.

What Will The Harvest Be? Weekend Events

The Friends of Abbey Gardens & Somewhere invite you to two weekend events as part of


On Saturday the 8th of November we will be leading a 'layout day' at the Abbey Gardens site. Working with string, tapes and spray paint we will be literally marking out the design for next years Harvest Garden onto the grass at Baker's Row.

It should be a fun afternoon outdoors with lots of potential for measuring and string mistakes! Liberal tea brakes will be programmed into the schedule.

We will be meeting at Abbey Gardens at 12.30 for the all-afternoon project, please wear suitable clothing and footwear, and do bring along any coloured string you have to help us mark out the beds. Children are welcome but must be supervised.

Following on from this we will also be meeting on Saturday the 15th of November to build some compost bins and a test raised bed on the site ... again all welcome. Meet at the gardens from 12.30 onwards.

Please let us know if you are planning to attend

East Tilbury Interview

I enjoyed one of my regular visits back to East Tilbury this week, catching up with Bata-ville friends at the Bata Resource and Reminiscence Centre. These are always busy events and this Wednesday they had 300 visitors! One of these was Michael Casey who has bravely set out to start a new kind of news site for the area focussed on local views. It's called YourThurrock and links to all of the clips he makes on YouTube ... you can see the quick interview he did with me about the film here.

I've also added some new images to our Bata group on Flickr, it's now got some good shots from Bata communities all over the world.

At lovely Yarner Farm
c/o John & Justine Richards

"One scene shot inside a freezer"

Last week was a hectic but very satisfying one, bringing my Exmoor National Dress project to fruition. I was taking a series of portraits of local people and making a short film about the process. There was a lot of zooming across moors down into valleys, in glorious sunshine. Just the ticket after a wet summer.
Here's myself (uncharacteristically holding the boom) with my crew, Alex Richardson (on camera) and Sacha Atkinson (Sound). The picture was taken by Steph Thomas, our great production assistant for the shoot, who used the time between locations to work on a very thorough risk assessment which ranged from 'attack by animals' to 'one scene shot inside a freezer'.


This Saturday is the AGM for the Friends of Abbey Gardens and if you're interested in getting involved with our project there do come along ...

The details are on FOAG website here.

Meanwhile the Abbey Gardens Apples have been identified:

Dear Ms Pope

Your Fruit has been examined with the following result:

"The sample is a dark red form of JONAGOLD and probably the form known as
JONAGORED. This is a modern apple and the tree would have been planted
comparatively recently. It is a vigorous variety, usually crops well and would have
become weeping under the weight of crops."

Thank you for using our service.

Brogdale Collections

A stitch in time

Here's me fiddling about with a prototype of the Exmoor National Dress.
Can't find anywhere to integrate the fantastic horse-motif Western shirt hanging on the wall, sadly.

Identification table
Photo: Nina Pope

Wild Flower Harvest

We had a very successful wildflower seed harvest on Saturday for What Will The Harvest Be? We gathered so many that we weren't able to process them all on the day, although we did make a start. They include: White Campion, Corn Cockle, Cornflower, Corn Chamomile, Corn Marigold, Field Poppy and Scentless Mayweed ... although I must confess we had a job to tell the Mayweed from the Chamomile.

The photos are up on Flickr here

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