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An extra week

We just heard that the Northern Art Prize show at Leeds City Art gallery will now run for an extra week. And the sale in Harvey Nicks might still be on too.

Lucky Leeds Rainbow
Spotted on the way

The Popular Vote ...

I realised we should have said thanks to all our readers as apparently we also won the 'popular' vote at Leeds for the Northern Art Prize, this was conducted on-line ("these are our people" - KG) and for 'fun', but very nice to know anyway.

Still you can't please everyone as this particularly enjoyable comment from the Blog that followed the wildly inaccurate if entertaining Guardian article shows...

"'Bata-ville' is the cenematic (his spelling) equivalent of someone scraping the fingernails down a blackboard and calling it art." from Mikestate ...

I hope he's actually seen the film, you get the impression that a lot of the comments relating to Norma's pickled onions ('pickled onions as art scandal' gives you the general vibe) might not have seen the show or realised that the onions aren't actually being proffered in isolation as 'art'.

Still I'm looking forward to the 'bundle of commissions' that Martin Wainwright mentions ... perhaps he knows something we don't?

flash, bang, wallop!
photo: Tim Olden

It Took a Whole Lotta Doing....

....But We Did It!
to quote soul diva Loleatta Holloway.
Yep, the prize is in the bag thanks to I'm not sure what - positive visualisation, luck, graft, black magic, pickled onions, karma, or that funny professional development course we did last year....
In true grammy Award style we'd like to thank our many helpers: Grizedale Arts and Commissions East who commissioned the prize-winning projects, the BR&RC for loaning so much of their fantastic stuff and of course to our regular collaborators Tim Olden, Dorian Moore, Doug Howarth, John Podpadec and Paul Baker. Also to Fiona Venables, curator at Tullie House in Carlisle for nominating us in the first place.
Now back to the bubbly....

Fingers Crossed!

We find out tomorrow night who has won the Northern Art Prize ...

Karen & I will be in Leeds for the big announcement, these events are like some kind of torture treatment for artists - I have been at two previous prize announcements ... once where I got to practice my 'putting a brave face on' and once when I did actually win but sadly didn't realise a camera was trained on my contorted face during the run up to that realisation.

Anyway while we're there we will also be doing a major restock of the Honesty Table featuring: Norma Olden's pickled onions (not for the cautious), aubergine cane toppers, plant seedlings and Karen's kimchi, get in quick while stocks last.

Finallay tonight is you last chance to see the Tudors at Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds ... and Karen who'll be there for the Q&A afterwards, go along and buy her a stiff drink!

Special Film Screenings of Living with the Tudors in Leeds

In association with Soda Pictures and the Northern Art Prize there are going to be 3 special screenings of Living with the Tudors at Leeds Hyde Park Picture House this month.

I will be there for a Q&A following the Wednesday night screening, and the next day we will hear who has actually won the Northern Art Prize - so fingers crossed!

Hyde Park Picture House
Brudenell Road
Leeds LS6 1JD
0113 275 2045

The screening times are:
SUNDAY 13TH JAN – 3:30
WEDNESDAY 16TH JAN – 6:15 (Followed by Q&A)