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Orford Castle one of the sites for Almanac

Almanac Launch at Cinema City

A mere 6 years after we were originally commissioned to make a piece of work for the new Cinema City in Norwich the final piece 'Almanac' is launching there on June the 7th. The piece is a 'digital calendar' that creates a unique time-lapse trailer for the cinema each day, whilst also documenting East Anglia’s changing landscape and recording locations in the region made famous through film.

We will be launching the project in Screen 1, on Sunday the 7th of June at 14.45.
More details and an archive of the films can be seen here

The afternoon will begin with the launch of Almanac and a special screening of some of the short films from each site, this will be followed by a screening of our feature length documentary 'Living with the Tudors', also shot in the region ...

Following the screening, we will discuss, and answer questions about the making of the two projects. After this you are warmly invited to join us in the bar for refreshments. The screenings will last approximately one and a half hours, book through the cinema city website.

FOAG & Somewhere jump for joy
At the site of a digger on site!

At Last

After what feels like an age, activity has finally begun at Abbey Gardens, as I type remediation of the site is being carried out and from June 10th we will be on site building 1000 meters of raised beds and then sowing the seeds to fill them - come and join us!

More details are available on the project website: What Will The Harvest Be?

Joan, Mike and I
In front of the swanky refurbished 21st building

Bata-ville autographs here ...

Thanks so much to the Zipp team for inviting us to the Czech Republic to take part in their conference Utopia of Modernity: Zlín. I travelled out with Mike and Joan who were both passengers on the Bata-ville bus and boy did we have a great time. We saw the film in the original Bata cinema (which is enormous and features in the film) we signed autographs (I'm not joking) and generally enjoyed being at the heart of a great event.

'Uncle Mike' (despite being some years my senior) put me to shame on the social front - as I left the Bata villa with Joan on our last night, I saw him in the thick of a crowd of young Euro-architects all laughing like drains and making their way off to a rave in a grain silo - that's regeneration for you.

We love Zlin

... and so it turns out do lots of other academics into the idea of Zlin as a Utopia of Modernity.

You can see more images from our most recent trip on the Zlin Flickr group.

Radiophonic Workshop at the Roundhouse
With visuals by Rory Hamilton & Jon Rogers

Radiophonic rock out!

I always like to think that Somewhere supports innovation and is ahead of the game and last night I experienced something of an uncanny direct result of this! In 2002 for TV swansong we commissioned the wonderful Generic Sci-Fi Quarry by Rory Hamilton and Jon Rogers in collaboration with members of the original BBC Radiophonic Workshop. As I understood it at the time some of them came specially out of musical 'retirement' to work on the project. Anyway it seems it was a success as last night they were back together and on stage performing at the Round House for a night of nostalgia.

What I hadn't expected to see was chunks lifted directly from the TV swansong quarry piece ... when the show began with the opening sounds and visuals from the quarry I thought for an awful moment I might have paid to watch a whole show I had commissioned 7 years earlier!! Anyway to be fair they only used two sections of the TV swansong work ... however I'm sure Rory and Jon would have liked it if these had been credited! As it was they will have to be content to know they screened alongside clips from Dr. Who, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Quatermass and err Sea trek.

This is Chris

Welcome to the world of Somewhere and the soon to be active Abbey Gardens!

Chris Cavalier is our newly appointed Garden Club Leader who will helping us to answer the question of What Will The Harvest Be?

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside

We're delighted that we have just been appointed as Artist Consultants for the Jaywick Parklands Project on the Essex coast.
The brief includes revisioning some 55 acres of land around the seaside town and also redesigning some smaller areas more immediately. We'll be working alongside the Council's landscape architect and also with the local school to inform plans.
The project has already been rather controversial locally - but Somewhere's never scared!

Plant now spring 2009
Photo: Nina Pope

Can be sown NOW!

As mentioned in previous postings we will be beginning our project What Will The Harvest Be? on site at Abbey Gardens in May 2009, with the realisation of our plans for the Harvest Garden. Although I know lots of people will get involved with the project it's hard not to panic about the mass-germination of seedlings needed to fill such a large space, especially when my studio is already full of seedling trays and lots of boxes of seeds with PLANT NOW written on the top. We have 800 meters of raised beds to fill and make amazing by the end of the season.

SO do get in touch if you're a Newham local & you'd like to be involved with this project, especially if you would like to bring on some seedlings for the project at home. We can post you some of our amazing selection of Chiltern Seeds!