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Ye olde pre-digital documentation

9 year itch

The longest-running exhibition we've ever been in has come to an end! This time 9 years ago we were putting together an installation called 'Home-made Heroes' for a big survey show at the Barbican in London about gaming which included some commissioned pieces too.

Although,"As the nature of the hosting organizations has changed in recent years - there has not been the opportunity to display the commissioned works to the extent we had hoped." sounds ominously like the piece stayed in its packing cases a lot ...

The abysmal image opposite is sadly all I can find of this project (possibly it's a slide scan 'cos back in the day we only dreamt of digital cameras), which remains for some reason one of my favourite pieces of ours. We 'commissioned' about half a dozen 'dressing up' costumes from home dressmakers around the world, giving them just a text description of a well-known games superhero. What resulted is a really odd, charming and folksy melange of costumes that includes Supermario and Sonic amongst others.

Here's where it went:

.....Game On opened in May 2002 at the Barbican Art Gallery ...the Royal Museum at the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh...... Tilburg Art Foundation, The Netherlands, ...... Helsinki City Art Museum, Finland ....... Lille European Capital of Culture 2004 in France....... The Science Museum, London, .........Cyberport, Hong Kong, .......Australian Centre of Moving Image, Melbourne ........State Library of Queensland, Brisbane .......National Museum of Science and Technology in Kaohsiung, Taiwan....... Cellars of Cureghem in Brussels, Belgium........... The Ambassador Theatre in Dublin.

Permanent moorings at Three Mills in East London

Smile - You're an Olympian

Here's a link to some press about our new project in and around the 2012 Olympic Park in London