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Photo: Zoe Papadopoulou

The Cats went to China (we stayed home)

The image and short film we made this year for the Wellcome windows carried on their exhibition life with 'What If? abroad' as part of the Beijing International Design Triennial. Somewhere stayed home, but lots of my ex-students went along (it was a really big show!) and Zoe kindly sent me some pictures of the (apparently) thousands of people who visited. 

Weekend academics

Following a kind invitation from Meg Jamieson to speak at a conference in Cambridge (Women in Film) we've just spent a slightly surreal couple of nights inside the modernist splendour of Murray Edwards college (formerly New Hall but that is another story). Despite growing up a stones throw from the town this was the first real taste I've ever had of Cambridge academic life from the inside. Actually despite the massive collection of women's art (this is an all women's college) we spent quite a bit of time admiring the exterior splendour of some really quite 'out there' planting combinations deployed around the modernist complex. Our fantasies around the character of the college gardener were rewarded on the last evening when she was revealed to also be a female film maker ...

We're at Cambridge's Festival of Ideas soon

We've a nice weekend screening and talking in Cambridge on Oct 21/22/23


Karen's Lake District Love Shack

Somewhere on TV

Somewhere recently achieved its broadcast premiere, albeit uncredited!
Karen filmed her house - the Love Shack -  for inclusion BBC2's The Culture Show - for their coverage of the Royal Institute of British Architects 2011 Awards.