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'We just can't wait to be number one'

One of the people we've been filming most often in Jaywick said this to Karen and I (in jest!) during one of the many many confusing and at times down right depressing conversations we have had over the last two years relating to the future of the town. At that time Jaywick was 'rated' as the third most deprived place in Britain ... now it seems Mick's 'wish' has come true ...

Out at night on the canal testing the Floating Cinema

Testing testing 1 .. 2 .. 3

At the start of this week I spent a really amazing night out on the East London waterways cruising from 3 Mills down to the Limehouse Basin testing out the Floating Cinema. It was really good to see how it felt to be projecting onto the bank from the moving boat but I was also really excited just to be seeing the London landscape from the perspective of the canal at night.

The boat we are working with is owned by Annie & Hazel, and the great thing is that they both have masses of experience of the waterways and want to continue to use it for community tours after it's life as the Floating Cinema this summer. So it's a win win situation!

You can see more pictures from the evening here

Before & After

Our garden continues to grow

Andreas (from FOAG) and I were at the same film event in Hackney Wick a couple of weeks ago and one of the speakers mentioned that the google earth image of the Olympic park had recently been updated. I looked over at Andreas to see that we were both simultaneously searching on our phones to see if Abbey Gardens had also now 'arrived' on google earth and sure enough it has! I felt strangely excited to see the design there and a little bit proud of how the site has changed in such a short time frame. 

We also heard last week that the Friends group have successfully raised the funding (via the Tudor Trust) to continue our regular programme of gardening sessions throughout this season. We're so pleased about this as we think Hamish, the Garden Club leader we appointed last year, is great and he can now really get his teeth stuck into the new season, with all he has learnt about the site last year behind him. Well done especially to Alison and Fiona who wrote the funding application!

Toge villagers at Karen's home, Lawson Park

Our friends in Japan

With great relief we finally heard news of our friends in Japan, with whom we worked closely on the Seven Samurai project and many offshoot projects - Jamie and Aiko and Junko who sent news of our beloved villagers of Toge:

"Kucho-san said they do not have water yet,
but they are doing fine.
Toge damage was not big fortunately.
Murono next village is facing a worse situation.

What a life...the messages from over sea makes our life
bright. thank you.

take care you
junko maruyama"


Finally got some tasty little clips up about our long-running R & D on pedigree cat breeding...

Here's a quick preview which shows that not all ginger cats are tom cats ...