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Not the opening ceremony

Firing on all not-the-opening-ceremony cylinders at Somewhere HQ right now ... 300 pastry cases (tick) Vision Quest film (tick) music (tick) beetroot soup (tick) rhubard cake (tick) laptop adaptor (hmm)

Not the opening Ceremony!

The Floating Cinema and Friends of Abbey Gardens invite you to join us for an alternative East End celebration and social outdoor film night at the most glamorous community garden in East London - yes Abbey Gardens.

At dusk, Marcus Coates' brilliantly inventive film 'Vision Quest: A Ritual for Elephant & Castle' will be screened, and there may also be a chance to get a sneak peek of nearby fireworks! Refreshments from garden produce will be served and you are welcome to bring a picnic, drinks will be available for donations.  

Please be aware this event coincides with the Olympic Opening Ceremony, so we strongly recommend walking or cycling to the garden to avoid transport / access problems.

To book a place please RSVP to laura 'at'

Oh East Tilbury ...

How I have missed my visits there - I am spoilt for choice of lovely images taken on my trip there today but this one of the wreath made to commemorate Founders Day today get's the winning vote.

On 12th July 1932 Tomas Bata, the founder of The Bata Shoe Company, died tragically in a plane crash. 2012 is the the 80th anniversary of his death. When the Bata factory was in production the anniversary was commemorated every year on 12th July by the management and was called Founders Day.

This year the Bata Reminiscence and Resource Centre (BRRC), who are based at the East Tilbury library, commemorated Founders Day with a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomas Bata statue in the former Bata factory grounds. It was lovely to be invited and to see many old friends from the film. 

Bata Avenue was looking particularly photogenic in the sun today.

Nina, Nick & Jamie celebrating East End style.

London Launch

Thanks so much to everyone who came along to our sell-out London Premiere of Jaywick Escapes at the East End Film Festival. Fantastic to watch the film with a full house. Thanks also to the lovely Bob Stanley who hosted our Q&A.

As you can see from this pic. we went on to celebrate - Here I am with Nick (the protagonist of the film) and his son, who we met for the first time. I always find it interesting to hear what people make of the film - but especially those who have been closely involved with it or the people in it. I enjoyed a great chat with Nick's son about Jaywick and the film.

The screenings are generating lots of interest in Jaywick itself which is wonderful. Today there's an article in the Independent which you can read here. For those disappointed not to have got a ticket last week, sign up for our mailing list and we will update you with news of more screening dates ASAP.

Sell Out!

For any of you still hoping to get a ticket for Jaywick Escapes at the East End Film Festival tonight - I'm afraid we sold out a few days ago! 

Looking forward to watching the film with a full house tonight though - for those coming along do join us for a drink in the Genesis bar afterwards.

And the winners are ...

Short drum roll flourish ...

The shortlisted architects for the New Floating Cinema are:

- Nilsson Pflugfelder (Berlin/London) 
- vPPR (London) 
- OBRA (New York/Beijing) 
- Duggan Morris (London)

Many congratulations - we're looking forward to working with you all this summer.

Thanks to everyone who came along to the White Building last night for our event there - very nice to chat with the old FC team, meet more boaters and lots of architects!

The 'first' Floating Cinema

Somewhere - what a week

Somewhere is having a super busy week to the point we are almost running on melt down but (in brief!) we wanted to share some of our news:

Today we are heading off to help choose the short list of architects who will develop the new Floating Cinema to launch in 2013.
We hope to be able to announce the short list at this event tomorrow night: 
How to make a Cinema Float 
Date: Wednesday 4th July 
Time: 7-9pm 
Venue: The White Building, Queen's Yard, 43 White Post Lane, London E9 5EN

Meanwhile it's a busy time with Jaywick Escapes - Fresh from Sheffield we have the London Premiere this week at the East End Film Festival.

Sadly for those of you slow off the starting blocks we have already sold out for this screening ...!!
BUT if you are in South Kensington you can see our new installation using material from the film and archive from early Jaywick Sands at the Science Museum as part of their 'Climate Changing Stories' series - running all year.

Or you can come along to this discussion on Wednesday for some clips:
Phew ... 

A Little Sneak Preview

Of our (almost) complete installation based on Jaywick Escapes at the Science Museum! 

Thanks to Ruth Fenton for all her help and the in progress photo. For those interested in the facinating history of Jaywick we are showing some unique materials from The Stedman Collection relating to the early years of Jaywick Sands resort and local flooding. Big thanks to Clacton and District Local History Society for loaning these.

The atmosphere was a bit more electric than the camera can show ;-)

Edinburgh Pitch

Earlier this week we were pitching a new film to international commissioners at the acclaimed Edinburgh Pitch, a great event run by the Scottish Documentary Institute in the nostalgic (for us ex-Edinburgh College of Art girls) surroundings of one of the world's most gorgeous cities.

Behind the scenes we met a wealth of great doc talent from Brazil to the Scottish Highlands, and tho' nervewracking we pitched rather well (if we do say so ourselves) :-)

Poster girls

Here are us with our chins and our super poster at Sheffield Doc/Fest this week!