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How can I bin this?

Many Internet Miles with this Modem

For various reasons personal and work related Karen and I are spending a lot of time going through old boxes. The ones in my loft have been there for 10 years, before I got them out I thought "I haven't seen these things in 10 years - how much can I need them". As I took this modem back out of the bin tonight I thought "quite a lot it seems".

The trouble is what to most people might look like loads of boxes of redundant technology looks to me like the much loved friends with which we explored the early alleyways on the Internet. I have dialled up from bed and breakfast all around Scotland on this modem during some of the happiest times in my work career to date. I can hear the sound it makes just looking at it's grey form. It even features in the Horizon documentary about 'A Hypertext Journal' - directed & shot by a team we'd then never met but who are now close friends and often our sound and camera team!

At the risk of becoming boring on this topic it might become a series over the next few days ... I just found our first digital camera, the Apple quicktake and my 'Cyberia Women in technology Award' for "Internet Woman" - I'm not joking. It's a heady mix the combination of re-digitising your archive, lots of dust and random ephemera that is working from home when you're a hoarder.

Lawson Park - Possibly the most scenic veg plot in the world?

National Garden Scheme Open Day/s 2012

We're superproud to announce that our What Will the Harvest Be? garden at Abbey Gardens in East London opens this year under the charity banner for the prestigious National Garden Scheme.

The date is Saturday Sept. 8th, there will be loads to see and do, and much excellent cake, of course, so please save the date - more details here.

Karen's own garden up in the Lake District is also open under the NGS this year - on Sunday Sept. 2nd. A bit tricker to get to than Abbey Gardens but well worth the journey, it's a mountainside utopia of pigs, bees, fruit and veg with a lot of rain and some art thrown in for good measure. More details here.


Abbey Gardens - Growing space for everyone, on the 'Olympic cliff-edge'

Anne surrounded by the TV swansong archive!

Welcome to Somewhere, Anne

2012 has brought us a lovely new intern, Anne Carlin, a film student from the US. Anne is taking a class in London and will be with us two days a week till the spring. She's taking on all manner of Somewhere jobs from media management to transcribing to  - most impressive of all - willingly going to the Hackney post office for us.

Happy 2012! - The Somewhere Round Robin

Mercifully blogged to you, not emailed!

2011 was quite busy for the Somewhere girls...The year was dominated by the unexpected delight of the Floating Cinema, working for the first time with the wonderful Up and Studio Weave Architects. The transformed barge became a summer hit (well, unless it was pouring with rain) and travelled as far as the canals would allow it with great films, performances and talks. It was a time to (occasionally) despair at the technical meltdown a cinema on a boat can produce, and also to meet some longstanding heroes such as Iain Sinclair and Richard Mabey, and to screen some rare artists films and doc gems. The website - by our longterm collaborator Dorian Fraser-Moore is a delight and very clever too BTW. We remain in deep negotiation to bring the Cinema back for 2012 - wish us luck.

We also showed some work relating to our ongoing pedigree cat project at the Beijing International Design Triennial and the Wellcome Trust in London. We got involved with the brilliant Doc Alliance, where you can now download our first film Bata-ville, and our installation Home-made Heroes was returned home after a marathon 9-year international tour by the Barbican! We had a few almost-rans with nice collaborators public works and we made that and hope we can work together in the future tho' twas not to be this time round.

2012 holds some big stuff  - the premiere (we don't know where or when but watch this space) of Jaywick Escapes, our third documentary film, and then we'll be releasing it on Download and DVD. Perhaps a 2012 Floating Cinema ?! Some nice smaller stuff too is happening - kicking off with a January screening in Manchester by the fabulously-named Loiterers Resistance Movement of our first film, Bata-ville, on January 26th at the Manchester Metroplitan University. If Karen has the technology she might do a Skype Directors Q & A after.

The Finnish Institute is revisiting our 2002 webcast TV swansong in a new publication that re-contextualises artists' TV ten years later and in the Youtube / iPlayer world we now inhabit.  We are also welcoming an American intern to our desks in 2012, so all our pencils will be sharp and our diaries well organised. 

There's also apparently some big sports thing happening right by the garden (What Will the Harvest Be?) that we designed in East London, so that's no doubt going to bring a few more visitors and gardeners our way during what will be our third harvest there.

Good luck with all your own endeavours this year, and remember you can sign up for occasional and witty e-news here or visit us via Facebook here.