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Aboard the Floating Cinema today

Top Tickets

Get booking today for the last few Floating Cinema Troubled Waters tickets tomorrow ... who can resist a tour of London's watery crimes with added rare archive footage!?

This year's Floating Cinema micro-comedy season also begins this week - we're delighted to welcome back onboard bonkers (in a good way) Holly Burn ... the first of three celebrity comics we've invited to interview an extra-ordinary local celebrity of their choice. Holly is kicking off with Doreen Golding - Bow Bell's very own Pearly Queen - Thursday night at our Mile End Mooring - you'd be mad to miss it ... as the Pearlies would say "One Never Knows" what might happen on a night out with Holly.

Professor Brendan Walker takes on the tour

Floating entertainment

I don't get out that much these days (!) but the joy of programming for the floating cinema is that when I do I can just go to our own events and know I'm going to enjoy them!!

This weekend was even better than usual as Karen and Steven Sheil put together the content for the horror weekender - all I had to do was go along, do the introductions, kick back and enjoy two great nights by the canal.

Today I had the pleasure of being the audience for Brendan Walker's 'test tour' - I say book now for those last few tickets for Thursday ... who can resist a boat tour with personal anecdotes, Lea Valley history, special effects, audience participation and a bubble machine ... ?

... and if you can't make the actual tour you could always take the 'rewind' version ...

Photo: Jack Hobhouse

Pop Up Press

We've been getting some nice press about the new floating cinema ... here from this weekend's Observer.

And for those who missed the launch, here is the film of it created by the lovely O Production:

click here

What a great evening it was!

Photo by Hydar Dewachi

What a night

We spent a very cheerful night at the White Building last Thursday launching the all-new 2013 Floating Cinema - check out the ever-brilliant Dorian Moore's webcam online.

After not a few hiccups, the boat looked splendid and the premiere of Oonagh Kearney's short film commissioned for us was a special delight, as was Sarah Weir splashing a half pint of beer on the the deck to 'christen' the boat!

Floating Cinema ... excitement mounts

At last the new floating cinema has been towed from Chatham into Limehouse and then skippered up to our lovely mooring at QMW Mile End. Tonight I was onboard meeting some of the volunteers who will help to deliver this years programme. Still onboard were most of the project team (!) working hard into the night to get everything ship shape for tomorrow nights launch. Here you see Dorian testing the projector and Adam from Duggan Morris applying some sort of non-slip magic! No doubt Laura from UP, who for once wasn't there in person, is also still at the office. Our immense gratitude goes to both her and Emma Underhill the Director of UP projects for the opportunity to work together on the project again this year and their incredible tenacity at seeing the boat build through to launch - it's been a tricky journey but one they have handled with such grace and energy it's a great privilege to work with them.

Win a Free Daytrip on the Floating Cinema - Enter our My East London competition

My East London is a chance to show-off a little and hone your presentation skills in a fun and supportive atmosphere aboard the FC on Sat, 24th August. So if you are an extra-ordinary East Londoner with a story to tell about his part of the world, upload a one-minute clip of yourself (for details follow link below) and you might be one of 12 people selected for this unique daytrip.

All the details on how to apply are here - deadline extended!

The new Floating Cinema in progress

Nearly there !

Very excited to see how much the new Floating Cinema has progressed in the last few days - here's a webcam image from it's nursery, the fabulous historic Turks boatyard.

Don't forget to check out this summer's events online as tickets go like hot cakes!

Haystacks ... with me?

Haystack 03 run by Kathrin Böhm is happening this Saturday ...

With artist/film-maker Nina Pope (That's me! - Somewhere, London) and
sociologist/garden activist Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen (Berlin).
On 6th July at 4 pm at Abbey Gardens on Bakers Row in Stratford (map).

In her book 'The Porridge Quarrel – Ecology and Gender in the History of Food Cultures' Elisabeth describes a number of emancipatory movements which have shaped
the way we eat and serve food collectively. From the shift of eating warm porridge to white bread, French post-revolutionary dinner tables, vegetarianism at the end of
the 19th century and a social history of public houses.

'What Will the Harvest Be' is a community harvest garden built on a formerly derelict site at Abbey Gardens in Newham. The influences behind the project relate back to the original Cistercian Abbey where monks used the land as a site of great productivity. The intriguing 'Plaistow Landgrabbers' also inspired the artists and provided the project title.

Elisabeth and Nina are going to informally talk about these different movements and histories and relate them to current community garden initiatives and politics.

Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen is a Berlin based social historian and garden activist.
Her research and writing includes gender studies with a focus on rural women and small holdings, food histories related to social and emancipatory movements, peasant movements and globalised agriculture. She is currently involved in the 'Allmende-Kontor' an urban gardening and networking project in Berlin.

Nina Pope together with Karen Guthrie are the artist/film-maker group Somewhere, who initiate and produce collaborative, multi-disciplinary projects. Following the initiative by the 'Friends of Abbey Gardens', to make the derelict site open for public use, 'Somewhere' as the invited artist team proposed a public-access 'harvest garden' of fruit, flowers and vegetables that literally anyone can use: 'What Will the Harvest Be'. The garden was launched in 2009 and is now run by the 'Friends of Abbey Gardens'.

Thank you to the 'Friends of Abbey Gardens' for being able to hosting Haystack 03 on their site.

Haystacks are monthly events to talk about rural practices, realities and links.

h-a-y-s-t-a-c-k-s at Abbey Gardens

Hot tickets for the Floating Cinema

Just to let you know that some of the events we've programmed for our rather fabulous Floating Cinema this summer are BOOKING NOW so take a look here if you fancy joining us.