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We are hiring! Cob Coordinator for Public Art Project


An opportunity to play a pivotal role in a major public art project

March – early / mid June 2014
(Temp / Free-lance, Fee £5,400 including expenses)
Freelance temp. contract, full-time hours for 6 week build (April 28 – June 6) with some administrative and organisational work before and after (circa 40 hrs)

“Tomorrow, Today” is an ambitious public artwork by artists Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope, commissioned by Cambridge University’s North West Cambridge Development (NWC) via the Contemporary Art Society and InSite Arts. The artists have been in residence with the Cambridge Archaeological Unit, which has excavated the site prior to its development. 'Tomorrow, Today' will be a large-scale public sculpture located on the NWC site amongst the continuing archaeological dig. The project invites the audience to actively contemplate the future community and townscape that will occupy what are now agricultural fields bordering the city of Cambridge. The work takes the form of a three dimensional model of Phase 1 of the NWC development, circa 75m in diameter - complete with scale replicas of all the planned streets and buildings. This 'model village of the future' will be hand-built on site using 'cob' made primarily from the earth excavated in situ by the archaeological surveys that precede the NWC development. The artwork will remain in place for at least a year, with a public launch in early June 2014, before being buried beneath this new part of Cambridge for future archaeologists to discover!

Please email us for the full post. spec - DEADLINE FOR APPS 10am Wed. 12th Feb.


Wow - thrilled beyond words to have surpassed our Indiegogo target of £15,000 for new film The Closer We Get, at the weekend!

The warm messages of support we got during the 40 day campaign were overwhelming and mean as much to us as the money. Many, many thanks to all of you who Backed us and got in touch too.

We are still getting lots of offers of contributions which is just lovely - the answer is YES you still can Back the film - if you have Paypal just make your contribution to artists 'at'

Or if you'd rather do a direct bank transfer or post a cheque, please contact us here for details.

No sleep until dawn …

It's all gone a bit election night vibe at the 2 Somewhere HQ's tonight as we watch friends new and old step up and back us on Indiegogo for The Closer We Get ... only 8 hrs to go now and 2.5 K still to raise!! I think I need to move back off herbal tea ...

The Closer We Get - Indiegogo Campaign Update - less than 2 days to go!

Presently at just over 10k of our 15k goal!

One day all this will be teensy mud houses

In other news - we've also been working on our NWC Cambridge project….

We'll bring you info very soon on how you could get involved in a very exciting hands-on public art project of ours this summer - watch this space!

Hint - it involves mud and our long-standing obsession with scale model towns :-)

The Closer We Get Indiegogo Campaign

Here's an update from me that includes a little clip from our footage.

The Closer We Get - Karen's latest Indiegogo campaign update

Happy New Year to all our Friends & Film Backers.
For me and the rest of my family, this was a poignant festive season, without our Mum Ann with us, for the first time. My sister Alison found herself having a little weep at the local Christmas church service, remembering Mum's love of carol-singing, and my brother Sean published this lovely article in the Herald Scotland about grieving for her. His words touched so many that the column & film in fact trended for a spell on Twitter that weekend. But some things don't change even in our family - my Dad Ian again stunned us with the vast quantity of booze he is able to amalgamate into his famous brandy butter. I can't remember a Christmas where this concoction didn't literally take your breath away!

Though last Christmas (2012), my Mum wasn't in the best of health, I remember her appearing to be snoozing mid-meal (how many of us fancy doing that during Christmas dinner ?!), when my Dad read aloud a classic cracker joke:
"Why would you invite a mushroom to a Christmas party?"
Without opening her eyes, Mum replied before anyone else even tried - correctly - "Cos he's a fun guy"
Much of Ann's charm in person and - of course - on camera in her later years was this kind of funny and unexpected interjection when you least expected it - as if she was reminding everyone 'I'm not a deaf old lady in a wheelchair, I'm still a real person". This is very much the Ann you will get to know in the film.
I wrote more about this last Christmas together on my Blog, which you can read here.

So, after an inevitably rather quiet spell over the festive season, things are hotting up again here, and it's been a thrilling weekend with pledges climbing towards £4000 - we are so grateful and with your help we know we can reach the £15,000 target. Our quirkiest Perk, the Month of Heirloom Cakes is beginning to sell just like the proverbial hotcakes, so if someone you know would appreciate this sweet treat, get in there soon before they sell out!

We really appreciate the work so many of you are doing on the project's behalf, on Twitter, Facebook and in person.

If every Backer we have so far persuades even 2 friends to pledge £20, the campaign gains over £4000. This is the power of us!

I've posted up a video Campaign Update here - do watch!

Lastly, I wanted to remind you all that Nina and I welcome your feedback and suggestions about the campaign and the issues it raises - just get in touch here.

Onwards and upwards! xxx