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Prospection on show at Kettle's Yard
Photo: Nina Pope


The last of our 3 Cambridge Festival of Ideas events:

WHAT’S THE FUTURE FOR THE PAST?- from Portakabins to nuclear waste

Saturday 29 October: 5:30pm - 7:15pm, Free but Bookable in Advance

Institute of Astronomy, Sackler Lecture Theatre, Madingley Road, CB3 0HA
Inspired by our 25-year (Yep, you heard that right folks) multi-disciplinary survey of NW Cambridge, ‘Prospection’, this event presents a panel of leading heritage experts including Sarah May (Research Associate, UCL Institute of Archaeology), Rachael Kiddey (Research Associate, University of York & Editorial Assistant at the Independent Social Research Foundation) and James Dixon (Museum of London Archaeology & 'Prospector') who will present a thought-provoking array of fieldwork and research exploring what the future holds for the past and what the past holds for the future.
The panel will be followed by refreshments and a chance to browse the archive boxes of the first two years’ findings of ‘Prospection’.

John Lambert at work on an old manuscript - Cambridgeshire Archives' Mr Paper

TIME CHANGES (ALMOST) EVERYTHING - what, even a meringue?

Another brilliant, free event we're doing for Cambridge Festival of Ideas:

Saturday 29 October: 2:00pm - 3:00pm
, Free but Bookable in Advance - Limited Spaces!

Gravel Hill Farm, Artist Studios, Madingley Rise Madingley Road, CB3 0FU

Have you ever wondered how to look after your treasured possessions? Why newspaper cuttings yellow, elastic snaps or whether silver tarnish is a good or a bad thing?
Challenge our experts - bring along a personal possession of (almost*) any kind and find out just how the passage of time will affect it, and how a museum would or could look after it for posterity. (Karen is bringing a vintage meringue if you need inspiration)

Julie Dawson & Kirstie Williams from Cambridge Museums and John Lambert of Cambridgeshire Archives (pictured here) will make a selection from the audience’s items and share their opinions and knowledge in this lively and accessible forum.

*Please limit size to max. 40cm x 40cm x 40cm, and be sensible - no pets / nasty substances please

Summer 2016 - with the NWC development encroaching on the horizon


As part of Cambridge's Festival of Ideas, we are working with Cambridge Archaeological Unit for this once-in-a-lifetime chance to smash up a bit of our art, at our invitation!

Saturday 22 October: 11:00am - 3:00pm

Gravel Hill Farm, Artist Studios, Madingley Rise Madingley Road, CB3 0FU

As part of the Prehistory and Archaeology Day, join professional archaeologists on a hands-on dig with a difference: Excavating a contemporary art work. The NW Cambridge outdoor sculpture 'Tomorrow, Today' by artists Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope was completed in 2014 with the help of many volunteers. Handbuilt from thousands of tons of soil excavated for the site's archaeological survey, the artwork will eventually be buried under the encroaching NW development. In the meantime, weather erosion has begun to reveal small artefacts in the sculpture's surface, that can be excavated and recorded for posterity - with your help. Expect to see worked flint, prehistoric pottery and more emerging as you learn about both this unique artwork and how to dig, identify and record artefacts.

(See for more)

Free places but book ahead here

(NB Equipment provided but wear outdoor clothes and bring along lunch etc)