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The crazy sprawl of Dallas airport

Tired in Texas

Well we're here ... not sure how with it we are, but we're here. Just about to head off into Austin to find the conference centre & event. Post weird self-cook waffle breakfast and of course laying awake since 4.00 am with jet lag! Main concerns to date: leaky hotel iron = bata-ville uniform problems, unexpected humid weather = wardrobe & hair probelms!

We caught a little of Austin last night though and it looks crazy - I felt a bit like we were eating in a Disney 'America' theme park. SXSW is obviously a BIG deal here ... it's on the telly, in the papers, and almost everyone we see has a SXSW badge around their neck - the game is to guess if they're 'interactive', 'film', or 'music' ... black-logo-t-shirts seem to span all three categories.