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Rock on Darkon

Well it feels like we're getting into the swing of SXSW and Austin now ... but it is big and somewhat impersonal feeling compared to Edinburgh. Everything related to SXSW seems to be packed (queues for parties etc.) whilst generally the streets of Austin seem to be rather oddly deserted, save for flocks of strange black birds roosting in the trees at night, making some otherworldly noises.
Spent most of yesterday in a glut of docs. related panels, 'influential' doc commissioner spotting!
In the evening we went to check out the Dobie cinema where our screening is tomorrow, then post curry (the staple somewhere meal) we headed for the Darkon party.
Obviously we are pretty interested in Darkon so in an uncharacteristic way (for someone British) Karen just went straight for it and asked the SXSW staff to point the crew out, so we had a really interesting chat with Brad the film's editor (unless he was also a very good role player!) obviously a man of great patience judging by how long the edit apparantly took.
We also got to meet the 'president' of Darkon himself, which made for a really interesting comparitive chat about UK vs US re-enactment scenes.
So all in all a good night ... I just hope we can get in to actually see Darkon today ... we're going to look pretty odd in the queue as we'll be wearing our uniform from Bata-ville ready for our Studio SX session straight afterwards!