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Karen feels the fear of our new Z1 vs Digibeta
John Podpadec's steady hand of instruction to her left!

Feel the fear ...

It's now only one week until we start to shoot our next film at Kentwell Hall (living as Tudors for three weeks) and finally, with this imminent deadline, we seem to have reached a format and camera resolution. Here you see us comparing our new 'small' HD camera (a Z1 for camera nerds) to the picture on John's Digibeta that he shot Bata-ville with - all this as as part of our rather overwhelming preparation/crash camera course with him today.

John will be (thank God) filming most of the event but for the 15 odd days that we can't have the crew there Karen and I have to go it alone, at last that boom pole and radio mic. we've owned for years might potentially see the light of day.

Not satisfied with using one new camera we've at last resolved that John will use the Varicam (Panasonic's super delux HD solution) for the first time ... unlike us he seems remarkably unphased by this ... I guess he doesn't also have to practice his Tudor and start a limning this week ... "By Saint Luke".