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Lovely Zlín - the view from the House of Art 2006
Photo: Nina Pope

Zlin Film Festival Photos ...

Ordinarily I'd pop these onto the Somewhere site but extreme Tudor preparation prevents me, but for any Bata-ville passengers out their you might like to visit my new Zlín slide show on Flickr ...

You'll see that the 21st building (formerly the Bata Head Quarters) has been finished off in a rather spectacular fashion complete with the re-vamped office/lift and roof-top cafe. Generally to see the way that some of these fantastic buildings have been bought back to life since we visited has really made me think again about what might happen next in East Tilbury.

Next week we're screening the film at Allies and Morrison one of the architects potentially bidding for a slice of the East Tilbury regeneration pie - I will be fascinated to see what they are proposing for the place, and who comes to see the film there. To co-incide with this I hope that Steve Rose is writing a piece in the Guardian about East Tilbury too ... on the phone it sounds as though (like me) he's become slightly obsessed with the place!