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Lisa lovin' her coif


It’s taken me until arriving in Japan to manage to write anything about ‘Tudor world’ AKA Kentwell where we’ve spent the last three weeks … mainly due to the sheer scale of unpacking incurred post 1578.

BUT before I begin on all things Japanese I did want to flag up an official thanks to our fantastic crew who made it through the shoot still smiling despite rather trying conditions at times. No one wants to film people when they don’t want to be filmed – and with upto 500 Tudors living at Kentwell over the three weeks, there were bound to be some who didn’t want to be followed around by us…

So thanks to John Podpadec and Paul Baker our SW dream team who came back for more after the rigors of the Bata-ville bus, thanks also to Emma our runner and local problem solver and a big thanks to the project production manager Lisa James. Recruited just pre-shoot and new to Somewhere and the Tudors she did an amazing job of dealing with us all!

John, Emma & Paul