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Tim & Dickon in the Crypt at St. Magnus the Martyr
Sorry for the terrible mobile photo!

Christmas Bells

This is Tim with Dickon Love (a fantastic and rather aptly Tudor name I thought) of `The Ancient Society of College Youths' - a man who knows his bells. Yesterday he VERY kindly agreed to meet us in the Crypt of St Magnus the Martyr (it's the church right by the Fire of London Monument on Lower Thames Street) to let Tim record the society's hand bells. The plan is to hopefully feature them in the soundtrack for 'Living with the Tudors'.

As the Verger (Nick Sargent) was halfway through transforming the Crypt into their Nativity Crib (no holding back on the ambition of his scheme you'll note) the whole thing took on a rather festive feel. I just hope the traffic roaring past by London Bridge isn't going to ruin the recordings.

Thanks to Nick, Dickon and St. Magnus the Martyr for our special Christmas/Tudor peal.