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Mrs Motivators (apologies to the one Mr Motivator)

Somewhere enjoys an intense professional development retreat at the temple of Shoreditch cool - Rochelle School - whilst bathed in the warm afterglow of Ms Pope's recent nuptials!
C/o the funders of our recent film Living with the Tudors - Britdoc - we are the willing victims of nearly three days with the almost all female powerhouse that is NYC's Creative Capital programme - a kind of uber motivational and grant-giving arts foundation brought over to pump the UK's independent doc-makers with all-American confidence, strategic planning abilities and an ability to network anyone from a newborn infant to the most recent heir to the Getty empire.
Watch this space to see if we can translate the programme's life-planner book (including a perky ' write your own obituary' section) into the hard reality of a overseas cash sale of our film...