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Alwyn Hill with some of her cats

25 Sphinx cats and a Munchkin

We've been spending a lot of time editing our footage of Jaywick recently and it is most definitely a town where the dog is king ... there's hardly a shot with out a 'continuity dog issue' to be found!

Meanwhile though we have also been doing lots of work on our other potential new film project Cat Fancy Club, and a couple of weeks ago we were very lucky to have Dr Leslie Lyons (Associate Professor of Genetics from UC Davis in the States) join us for two days shooting with some breeders here in the UK. It was a relief to be filming with a crew again, especially as it was with John and Paul who shot and recorded our two previous films.

As usual working with a crew and hired camera means packing a lot in and it was a rather frantic two days - massive thanks to the breeders who let us visit them at home and told us in detail about their cats and links to genetics and in some cases to Leslie's actual lab. We started off the trip with Professor Tim Gruffydd-Jones at the University of Bristol, School of Clinical Veterinary Science Feline Centre, many thanks to Anna Virtue who brought in one of her lovely Burmese cats for us to film there.

We then hit the road for two days of tea and cats chat starting with Alwyn and Ted Hill their database of Birmans and I have to say pretty sizeable cat collection! On day two we joined Jen Lacey and her impressive collection of Korats (a really interesting breed in relation to good practice from breeders and connections to genetics) and ended back in London with Anthony Nichols and his LaPerms (a new 'rex' or curly breed still going through the GCCF recognition process).

This Saturday I was back out with Anthony at the Croydon Cat Club show, sadly without the crew or in fact even Karen (so massive thanks to Chris for stepping in as my impromptu sound assistant!). Anthony's cat got the next certificate she needed to help with moving the LaPerms towards full breed recognition, I met up with some breeders and judges I hadn't seen for a while and I also met a man who has 25 Sphinx cats plus a Munchkin! Almost as impressive was the fact that the leading judge at the show was apparently in her 90's and very sprightly with it - not to mention immaculately turned out including high heels.

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