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How can I bin this?

Many Internet Miles with this Modem

For various reasons personal and work related Karen and I are spending a lot of time going through old boxes. The ones in my loft have been there for 10 years, before I got them out I thought "I haven't seen these things in 10 years - how much can I need them". As I took this modem back out of the bin tonight I thought "quite a lot it seems".

The trouble is what to most people might look like loads of boxes of redundant technology looks to me like the much loved friends with which we explored the early alleyways on the Internet. I have dialled up from bed and breakfast all around Scotland on this modem during some of the happiest times in my work career to date. I can hear the sound it makes just looking at it's grey form. It even features in the Horizon documentary about 'A Hypertext Journal' - directed & shot by a team we'd then never met but who are now close friends and often our sound and camera team!

At the risk of becoming boring on this topic it might become a series over the next few days ... I just found our first digital camera, the Apple quicktake and my 'Cyberia Women in technology Award' for "Internet Woman" - I'm not joking. It's a heady mix the combination of re-digitising your archive, lots of dust and random ephemera that is working from home when you're a hoarder.