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Karen, Kate and Kirsten on the site for Tomorrow, Today

Come Cob with Us

Come and take part in our ambitious mud model project - Tomorrow, Today

Just a quick Friday reminder for any of you who thought about coming to Cambridge to create *cob (!) and let it slip through your in box -
there are still a (very) few places left for booking.
These are in Week 2 (5-9th May) and Week 4 19-23rd of May. Anyone who would like to know more should contact Kirsten (see across in red) our cob co-ordinator via:
cob 'at' - we'd love to have you join us!
As you can see from this picture we have a lot of material to make into cob and a very big flat space to fill with our model. With Karen & Kirsten is the fantastic cob expert Kate Edwards who will be mentoring us and instructing some of the groups over the 6 weeks.
*Cob - a mixture of compressed clay and straw used, esp. in former times, for building walls.