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Installation team ...
Tim Olden (composer) Dorian Moore (Programmer) & me (I bought lunch!)

About bloody time too ...

Almanac is a digital database of timelapse photographs which are programmed to order themselves into short 'trailers' that show a year passing at one of five locations.
This bespoke database includes just under one million still digital images captured over a full year at five East Anglian locations. These sites - Kentwell Hall, Nene Valley Railway, North Weald Airfield, Southwold Common and Orford Castle - were chosen because of their significance as shooting locations in notable feature films.
Almanac is programmed to show a 365 day sequence that starts and ends on the day you are seeing it on screen - in other words, no 'trailer' is ever seen twice.

At last we have FINALLY installed our project Almanac at the new Cinema City in Norwich over 4 years since we were originally commissioned for the project!

I'm sure it's been a painful process for Cinema City too as their re-build plans went way over schedule and perhaps the public artwork you commissioned full of optimism at the start of the process doesn't exactly come top of your agenda when you're trying to get the building open ...

Anyway I won't bore you with the details, but I was disappointed not to be able to hear the final piece working as it should. Tim has written a series of surround sound compositions that the database can 'attach' to each days movie ... we had the sounds, we had the cables but they didn't as yet have the box to plug them in to ... seems like they have their work cut out before the grand opening on Thursday.

If any one reading this is going - see if it sounds like surround sound to you!

Many thanks to the team who've worked on this project with us - especially to Dorian who has spent too many late nights watching these images flicking around in various sequences.

We hope to have some web-versions of the films uploading from the server soon ...

Dorian in the projection booth

Tim in front of the big screen
He can see Nene Valley Railway, but he can't hear it!

Removing the camera at Nene Valley Railway

End of an era ...

Last weekend Tim and I headed over to Nene Valley Railway for the very last data 'harvest' from our time-lapse camera there - attached to their station awning as part of our Almanac project. You can see Tim up the ladder here disconnecting the external camera as a train comes in. Each of the five cameras are placed at film location sites in East Anglia ... there's a wide choice of both TV series and films shot at NVR, from 'Jim'll fix it' to 'Octopussy' and 'Peter's Friends'.

Many thanks to all the staff at the Railway for their patience with the project - especially to Gary who has had to live with the computer end of the system in his flat for the last year! Originally due to be installed for one calendar year this one was actually in place for 2 years by the time we took it down. In that time half of the station platform area has actually been rebuilt and the 500 images captured each day show every detail of the changes from blooming flower beds, to the 'turntable' for trains (I'm sure that's not the technical term) coming to life.