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Somewhere the work deluge!
Photo: Nina Pope

Old project, new 'evidence' ...

Obviously I'd rather do anything than make my mind up about what HD (or not HD!) format to shoot our film with the Tudors on ... and today my displacement activity has been finishing off up-loading the documentation for Anecdotal Evidence - with some nice new scans of folk out on the water at the launch.

It's a perverse fact that the more busy-with-interesting-things you are, the less time you have to Blog about them, at the moment this is certainly true for Somewhere ... as each day starts I haul myself into a seemingly endless list of tasks that comprise the headlong fall towards our 3 week shoot at Kentwell.

This week the list was punctuated by my usual day at the RCA and an unusual evening 'gig' at the BFI on a panel discussion ... entitled 'Educating the Next Generation - Film' ... I felt like a bit of a fake taking part as I've never even stepped inside a film school. However, there's nothing like feeling you have at last acquired some transferable skills, and the more the monster that is the advent of digital cinema moves forward the more I recognise of the beast from our background in the world of 'new' media. For once there was someone on the panel who new more about Digital distribution than me (and critically more than the audience - often not the case!) as well as Karen and I's favourite film motivational guru ... Mr Jobson.