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My Sheffield Doc Fest

Last week Nina and I stepped outside the current Jaywick film edit to go to the Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival, only my second time there and like all film festivals a heady mix of late night boozing and schmoozing, high-pressure funding meetings and inspirational film and talks.

Oh, and some slightly baffling presentations by TV commissioners who are using words like 'compelling' and showing a clip of something quite the opposite.

Highlights for me were meeting US grant awarding bodies and European TV commissioners who seemed genuinely in step with our language as film makers. Film-wise the fabulous Morwencol impressed, with a portrait of a brain damaged man who heals himself by making a model-scale world of his own life to 'play' in.

Great sessions by Penny Woolcock and Kim Longinotto, plus the success of Clio Barnard's innovative 'The Arbor' were heartening reminders that women over 40 are making some of the best and most original documentaries around. Go girls!