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MG, Karen & Alan / Javelin meeting in Chicago

Once Upon a Time Somewhere

...was big in the nascent media art world and in 1999 we made a rather successful project called An Artist's Impression (now in the Science Museum London's collection)....

This piece was an installation akin to a huge model railway layout (it showed extensively at the ICA, the Fruitmarket, Chapter and many other places) plus a live online world (or MUSH as it was known) which existed entirely as text and interactivity between its players. When stuff happened online, we tried to model it live onto the installation. Simple! The online space that was being 'built' was based on our childhood homes and hence a slightly spooky evocation of these remembered locations still exists online, accessible, maybe forever. When online gaming became the infinitely more elaborate thing it is now, it was expected that these low-fi social spaces were a thing of the past, but now with Minecraft perhaps that was jumping the gun?

Anyway, somehow (Alan, can you recall how?!) we found a very clever person to help programme and run this world for us, and this was 'Javelin' or Alan as was his real name, and he was in Chicago. Though now retired from the post, Alan has kept in touch so when I found myself at Chicago International Film Festival last week, it was great to catch up again IRL with him and his family.

The Island being set up at Wroughton

An Artist's Impression of Wroughton

I spent a fascinating (if rather filthy and tiring!) day on Friday at the Science Museum's 'large object' storage site out at Wroughton in Wiltshire. I was working with Ruth from the museum and Neil & Dennis who are based there to check and archive our largest ever 'object' art work - An Artists' Impression, which I am SO relieved to report now resides in the Science Museum collection. As you can see from this and other images it's quite a thing to store and Wroughton is quite something as a 'store'!

It was a real trip down memory lane taking all the bits and bobs out of boxes and re-locating them on the model. As the storage crates were a bit mouldy when they arrived they've been kept (to date) in this kind of holding bay hangar - now, in my fantasy, the pieces will all be individually loaded into the high-tech storage bays in the rest of the stores. In these rooms (which are in fact aircraft hangars) you push a button and whole walls of storage glide across to reveal layers and layers of strange objects. Our is now one of them.