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The wisdom of Jennifer Fox

I visited Nina and I's alma mater Edinburgh College of Art last week, to attend a masterclass hosted by the Scottish Documentary Institute.

The event was led by inspirational American film-maker Jennifer Fox whose work includes 'Beirut' and 'Flying:Confessions of a Free Woman' and 'My Reincarnation'. Over a thirty year independent career Jennifer had spent at times up to twenty years on some projects! 

I made a few notes that I'd like to share as they are indeed jewels of wisdom:

  • Locate your story purpose and stick to it
  • Plot is a 'coathanger' for the thesis or 'story purpose'
  • A shooting scene is a 'unified field' including you, the subject/s, any bystanders and all crew - ensure that you control all of it
  • Time always works - if you film anything over enough time, a narrative will emerge
  • An interview can be a scene if it's special enough