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What Will The Harvest Be? From these phantom beds?
Photo: Nina Pope

Mark Up Day

Over on the What Will The Harvest Be? Blog you can read about our antics at the weekend trying to layout the design for Abbey Gardens (this photo was taken a couple of days later, with less people and string) and about Karen's encounter with garden goddess Carol Klein.


This Saturday is the AGM for the Friends of Abbey Gardens and if you're interested in getting involved with our project there do come along ...

The details are on FOAG website here.

Meanwhile the Abbey Gardens Apples have been identified:

Dear Ms Pope

Your Fruit has been examined with the following result:

"The sample is a dark red form of JONAGOLD and probably the form known as
JONAGORED. This is a modern apple and the tree would have been planted
comparatively recently. It is a vigorous variety, usually crops well and would have
become weeping under the weight of crops."

Thank you for using our service.

Brogdale Collections

The Stratford Grapevine II
Featuring Abbey Gardens

Heard it on the Grapevine

Anyone who travels through Stratford station (East London) may have already seen the feature about Abbey Gardens in the 'Stratford Grapevine' last week ... if you missed it you can read about it here. The newspaper is a project by artist Lucy Harrison who's become a 'friend of' our Abbey Gardens project through our shared research into the area. The sort of spider drawing on the front shows how all the people who have contributed to the paper are linked together, and is a nice map of the connections made. Each time the paper comes out I find it really cheering to see people on the (super depressing!) North London Line reading about their local area rather than the Metro's version of London news.