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Image: Pope & Guthrie (Photography Marc Henrie)

We made WMMNA!

As some of you will know I teach one day a week at the Royal College of Art in the Design Interactions department. Let's just say that, at times, it's quite different to the rest of my working environment and different things 'count' there ... both in terms of 'academic research' and recognition. It seems though that getting onto Regine Debatty's (really good) Blog 'We Make Money Not Art' counts for a lot - within 3 minutes of getting an email with the link from Regine I also got a text about it from Tony our professor and no less than 5 of the students mentioned it that morning. It seems after 14 odd years of working in the same department I have finally arrived!

Anyway it's a nice piece (which you can read here) about our Cat Fancy Club project which Anthony Nicols and Leslie Lyons also contributed to.

Photo: Tim Olden with my mobile

Maddening Mobile ...

I love this image from my new mobile ... which is more than can be generally said for the flipping new phone at present! Despite almost a week of faffing about in between films in Edinburgh I failed to get the damn thing set up to send messages direct to our Blog from 1569. This resulted in a rather shaming loss of temper and face just prior to departure when the news of a delayed 'sim card switch' nearly tipped me over the edge. Still between Dorian and I we're determined to beat it by the next 1942 visit!

If you want to receive multi-media messages from the past direct to your mobile email us with your name and number and we'll add you to the list ...