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Floating Cinema Launches ...

Well at least virtually as the VERY nice new website went live this week. Many thanks to our long term collaborator Dorian Moore for the lovely design and build. My favourite feature is that I can blog to the site straight from my phone and the info not only gets automatically posted but the geo tagged images appear on a map of the canal system too.

We'll soon be launching the actual boat/cinema, if you live in East London put July the 1st in your diary when the project begins with an evening of projections up near Springfield Marina in Stoke Newington - everyone welcome. 

Shop & Search

After much effort (and some 'paypal integration frustration!') for poor Dorian, you can now shop right here for Somewhere's past and present catalogue virtually without leaving the site and certainly without leaving your seat.

I've enjoyed taking the rather barmy set of photos it entailed, utilising friends children and my parents bird-table, I have not enjoyed the visits to my local Hackney post office to enquire about world-wide postage. Until very recently I would have said the staff there deserved an award for the most erratic and unfriendly service inside the M25 if not the UK ... however, I recently took a pledge not to rise to the rage I feel on even approaching the door and to greet each knock back not just with grace but positivity and warmth ... this may have backfired as the owner has now taken an unprecedented (and slightly inappropriate?) interest in the contents of my post ... and has, it seems, a passion for film. I might have to give him a copy of our DVD next time I'm in as it may well flip into reverse his increasing curve of interest and the extra time I am spending at the counter. When he discovers it's not a) about Hackney b) a Hollywood block buster, surely short, sharp, surly, service can resume ...

Sorry I don't know WHAT brought that on ... anyway to come back to the title, if you don't know what you want from Somewhere's shop you can always now search the site to see if we cover your desired theme/little-known home town/art peccadillo.

I'm also experimenting with our profile on Technorati to supplement Dorian's other welcome new feature - comments ... go on you know you want to ... especially if you've been in our post office!

Sometime Later Production Still
Danny the page

Coming Soon ...

Sometime (a bit) Later .... !

Bless Dorian Moore for his continuing patience with us as we try to wrestle the expansion of the Sometime Later site under control. Hell bent on producing painted Limnings for the interface Karen and I have (as usual) horribly underestimated the time taken for hand-made production items. I think we might get the site live this weekend though, to feature a wealth of video material shot at Kentwell Hall this year in both 1942 and 1569.

I may Blog further regarding the interface for this site once it's live ... suffice to say it has been something of an interesting design challenge and prompted a Web 2.0 vs bad early interactive CDrom interface debate between Dorian and myself!