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Meanwhile on the other side of the world...

A belated plug for a group show that we were lately in, in Australia, with our very vintage (1999) piece 'An Artist's Impression', recently acquired for their collection by the Science Museum in London. What was nice that the curator Neil Jenkins had been an early user of the piece's MUSH (for all you Xbox generation-ers, that's an archaic kind of online game - just black and white scrolling text!) - which is still very much alive c/o our technical guru Javelin in the States.

The lovely show title (after Borges) was The Garden of Forking Paths, and broadly speaking it was an exhibition of historic and contemporary artists' computer games with such luminaries as Laurie Anderson in it!

More info here

It's a Lake District Knockout
Beatrix Potter never looked so scary

Nina Pope - Birthday Girl!

As Nina (I hope) celebrates her birthday in fine style I am waiting for 80's pop star Jesse Rae to stop footering with his ISDN radio station in my barn, so I can have dinner!
He (like us) is doing a project for the upcoming Grizedale Arts Coniston Water Festival here in Cumbria, involving yet more broadband to our mountain - s'thing to do with ISDN and radio being inextricably sadly BT have cleaned up once more here.
I've added a new pic of our mascot heads, for our It's a Lake District Knockout project here - I think they might be Wainright and Beatrix Potter, and I have to say I'm rather chuffed with them - apparently the sculptor is art-school trained (they tell me)....The company we have commissioned were impressed with my guide sketches of the 4 mascots - until, that is, I told them that I to went to art school. I think they were then slightly disappointed.
Tomorrow I design some props for the games - I am particularly looking forward to the clapometer....