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The initial design for the new great new Abbey Gardens Honesty Stall by Andreas Lang

International Village Shop workshop at Abbey Gardens


The idea for the workshop is to brainstorm and develop new objects/items/goods that derive from the context of Abbey Gardens a collective urban food growing site. The brief is open and will be developed collectively and in reference to specific aspects of the site, such as collective gardening and harvesting, urban food production, social and historical aspects of the site, etc.
The aim for the two day workshop is to develop a brief for one or more new products, and if possible, to assemble first prototypes. The new items can be anything: from food or tools to plants or processes and of a real or digital nature.

The products may later be used at Abbey Gardens and distributed locally through the Abbey Gardens' new honesty box and mobile stall (see the picture!). The honesty box, conceived as part of What Will The Harvest Be? is part of a wider network of cultural trading activities and platforms called the International Village Shop, where the new products for Abbey Gardens can become part of a growing collection of locally informed and produced goods.

Programme: Fri 26th March

10.00 Meeting at Abbey Gardens
Introduction of all participants and their different interests in being involved.

Mapping session of local resources/narratives/skills/appreciations/conflicts within Abbey Gardens and its proximity which could inform the new products.

13.00 Lunch at Abbey Gardens

14.00 - 17.00 Further mapping and group session brainstorming and sketching first ideas for a new products.

19.00 Friday Session_39 - an informal discussion at public works studio, 1-5 Vyner Street, London E2 9DG


With presentations by Nina Pope from Somewhere on What Will the Harvest Be?
Celine Condorelli talking about commons and things in common
Cristina Cerutti about the Crokkes-Walkley Transition group in Sheffield
Nolwenn Marchand from aaa on Le 56 ECOintersice in Paris

Followed by discussion and food and drinks.

Sat 27th March

10.00 Production workshop at Abbey Gardens, aiming towards a brief and first prototypes for new products.

12.30 Informal lunch and internal presentation of workshop results.

13.30 Further sketching/prototyping/building

15.00 Tea and cakes followed by presenting results to the public

15.30 Discussion about the different values involved in making and trading the new product within the context of the Abbey Gardens Honesty Box and the International Village Shop

16.30 Finish

Who Will Take Part?

The workshop is organised collaboratively by the Friends of Abbey Gardens, Somewhere and public works it takes place within the context of an EU cultural project called RHYZOM.

Members of Abbey Gardens are invited to join. To reserve a place for the workshop email mail 'at' - or Contact Andreas. Please note that places are limited and reservation is needed.


Lucky Leeds Rainbow
Spotted on the way

The Popular Vote ...

I realised we should have said thanks to all our readers as apparently we also won the 'popular' vote at Leeds for the Northern Art Prize, this was conducted on-line ("these are our people" - KG) and for 'fun', but very nice to know anyway.

Still you can't please everyone as this particularly enjoyable comment from the Blog that followed the wildly inaccurate if entertaining Guardian article shows...

"'Bata-ville' is the cenematic (his spelling) equivalent of someone scraping the fingernails down a blackboard and calling it art." from Mikestate ...

I hope he's actually seen the film, you get the impression that a lot of the comments relating to Norma's pickled onions ('pickled onions as art scandal' gives you the general vibe) might not have seen the show or realised that the onions aren't actually being proffered in isolation as 'art'.

Still I'm looking forward to the 'bundle of commissions' that Martin Wainwright mentions ... perhaps he knows something we don't?

Fingers Crossed!

We find out tomorrow night who has won the Northern Art Prize ...

Karen & I will be in Leeds for the big announcement, these events are like some kind of torture treatment for artists - I have been at two previous prize announcements ... once where I got to practice my 'putting a brave face on' and once when I did actually win but sadly didn't realise a camera was trained on my contorted face during the run up to that realisation.

Anyway while we're there we will also be doing a major restock of the Honesty Table featuring: Norma Olden's pickled onions (not for the cautious), aubergine cane toppers, plant seedlings and Karen's kimchi, get in quick while stocks last.

Finallay tonight is you last chance to see the Tudors at Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds ... and Karen who'll be there for the Q&A afterwards, go along and buy her a stiff drink!

Photo: Nina Pope

Look at them go in Leeds!

This is the hot trade happening on 'the honesty table' last night at the opening of the Northern Art Prize show ...

We had great veg. from the local Leeds & District Gardeners Federation (thanks to Dan Robinson for bringing this in), Rice from Toge, Karen's umeboshi, Jerusalem Artichokes from Tim's Dad's allotment, Japanese Zouri & more ... it looked & tasted great.

Get down to the gallery for your fresh produce while stocks last ... or better still take some of your own down and sell it from the table.

You can now read more about what's on the table on it's own page here.

Curiously the tables were specially made for us by a great company in East London called Unto This Last - each with 6 special money slots. I say curiously as this project (all part of 7 Samurai) has become for Karen & I about a set of strange coincidences ... in this instance the Ruskin connection that inspires the company name, as Karen lives in Ruskin's former farm house ... anyway it's a long story all now in the short film 'Little Deluxe Living' showing with the table.