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Doug Howarth
Is this the most patient man in East London?

Patient People ...

Somewhere have been out of blog action for quite some time ... engaged in tasks that demand a great deal of patience. Between us over the last 2 months Karen and I logged about 70 tapes for our new film Living with the Tudors. Whilst Karen approached the task with sporadic gusto producing funny lengthy hand-written transcripts of our own Z1 footage I tackled the monster that was the tapes shot on various formats by our DOP. My approach is undoubtedly more mundane yet exhibits slightly sick dogged determination. It is an undeniably tedious task but my God it pays off in the edit, and that sense of preparation and probably a serious personality defect on my part give me a perverse sense of satisfaction as I see the neatly logged clips and bins appearing in my Avid logging tool box.

Now though, we get to bask in the heat of full creative flow for 6 weeks of editing, whilst all around us must push their respective levels of patience beyond known boundaries. Pictured right is our fantastic editor Doug ... any man who can sit between Karen and I for hours on end as we discuss each comment from a character & flip through our (extensive!) logs for those elusive, fleeting (and at times I have to confess completely imagined ) perfect cutaways needs the patience of a Saint.

Lisa our production manager certainly proved herself on the shoot but as though that wasn't enough she's now re-lived many of the interviews as she transcribed them for us.

Undeterred by the scoring of our last film Tim Olden now gets out his collection of recorders and harpsichord samples for the score (don't panic just joking!) as Karen and I keep sending him new cuts and MP3's ...

Last but not least, blissfully uninvolved in the film to date Dorian has been plugging away at sorting out our on-line shop within the rigours of various VAT regs., again enough to push anyone's patience to the limit.

Good job I find editing more exciting than almost all other parts of 'being Somewhere'.

Folk Off ...

Now I am in no way saying I didn't enjoy the Museum of Sorrow 'do' (part-organised by fellow Samurai Ben Sadler) last Friday, but Circulus?! They are SO not my cup of tea ... and despite my love of 'all things re-enactment' I do not want to imagine "what it would be like if I accidentally slipped into a medieval future where I thought it was 1972". But hey, there were a lot of women in nighties in the audience who did want to!

Unlike a lot of other re-enactors I'm not averse to all things of an authenti/modern hybrid nature - Aux contraire. We have spent a lot of time recently thinking about the music for our film "Living with the Tudors" which will be just that (and thanks to Tim who'll be writing it, for the entry title and sharing my Circulus-horror on Friday night "Do you think they're all geography teachers?")

Later on the same weekend I watched "A Knights Tale" ... now that dance scene IS good.

The final countdown

As Nina finishes her packing before we join 1578 for our new film shoot, I thought I'd share my latest craft outbreak - a range of bespoke Tudor handbags to conceal our stuff. The one on the far right is - sad I know - exactly tailored to hide a one litre plastic water bottle.
I think I might have become a fully paid-up re-enactor....

these are the delgates bags just for the music section!

Rock on Darkon

Well it feels like we're getting into the swing of SXSW and Austin now ... but it is big and somewhat impersonal feeling compared to Edinburgh. Everything related to SXSW seems to be packed (queues for parties etc.) whilst generally the streets of Austin seem to be rather oddly deserted, save for flocks of strange black birds roosting in the trees at night, making some otherworldly noises.
Spent most of yesterday in a glut of docs. related panels, 'influential' doc commissioner spotting!
In the evening we went to check out the Dobie cinema where our screening is tomorrow, then post curry (the staple somewhere meal) we headed for the Darkon party.
Obviously we are pretty interested in Darkon so in an uncharacteristic way (for someone British) Karen just went straight for it and asked the SXSW staff to point the crew out, so we had a really interesting chat with Brad the film's editor (unless he was also a very good role player!) obviously a man of great patience judging by how long the edit apparantly took.
We also got to meet the 'president' of Darkon himself, which made for a really interesting comparitive chat about UK vs US re-enactment scenes.
So all in all a good night ... I just hope we can get in to actually see Darkon today ... we're going to look pretty odd in the queue as we'll be wearing our uniform from Bata-ville ready for our Studio SX session straight afterwards!