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Darkon bling
Can it buy me a movie distribution deal?

'Darkon' bling

Apparently our fave movie to date 'Darkon' won the best documentary feature audience prize last night so big congrats to them. We have met a few of this tenacious team , who hung out with a group of Baltimore fantasy role players for over a year to make the movie. The DoP, unusually, a woman, said hi at the screening and I have to say her work in the film is one of its most memorable aspects..... The Darkon players themselves have a few of their number here at the festival, and though apparently contentious with some of their group, they seem to be taking a huge pride in the film. The 'president' of Darkon gave me this momento - the currency of Darkon - but how many margaritas can it buy?!

..or should I say 'Bannor'?