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The Historic Asolo Theatre circa 1950

Next stop Sarasota

There's no stopping Living with the Tudors now ... the Blog from SXSW has hardly gone up before we're announcing our next screening. Sadly we won't be there to see this one, which is a shame as the historic cinema looks amazing ... still if you're near Sarasota book now!

Wednesday April 9th 6.00pm or Friday April 11th 6.00pm
Both at the Historic Asolo Theatre

You might even get one of our new 'Limning Badges' ... as they predictably arrived too late for our big fat SXSW Tudor party!

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If you happen to be in NYC check out our Bata-ville premiere there with Rooftop films ... they love it!

"This fascinating and charming film is part road trip documentary, part ideological exploration. And for a work of art commissioned as public history project, it is startlingly funny, heartwarming, and humane. At Rooftop Films, we never imagined a bus-trip across Europe with a group of retired shoe-factory workers would be so enjoyable."

Coming up next: A Prague Film Showcase
Bata-ville will be opening this British Council film event in Prague
with a screening at 20.30 on Monday the 25th of September at Kino Svetozor

A Local Mayor AND Bata-ville star ...
Photo: Tim Olden

Uncle Mike, the Mayor and Me ...

Many thanks to (Uncle) Mike Ostler for organising and introducing the Grays Bata-ville screening on Monday night. Despite the spooky Thurrock jinx screening glitch and unplanned interlude, I had a wonderful time. There was an excellent local turn out, Mike did a great job on the introductions, the cinema is lovely, the Mayor (who's also in the film) came along, the B.R & R.C put on a special display, I sold some DVDs, AND I got given our T.O.S.C.A award ... what more can a girl ask for of a night out in Grays.

Actually I almost forgot the fish & chips I had during the screening was also excellent!

Check out our T.O.S.C.A

Hey Karen take a look at our T.O.S.C.A (AKA Thurrock's Own Special Cinema Award) presented to me by international man of mystery Mike Ostler (Bata-ville passenger and cinema fanatic) on Monday night. I'm going to place it next to our certificate from the four "Worlds Biggest Liars" in the Somewhere trophy cabinet!

Entrance to the foot tunnel at Greenwich


I attended two back-to-back screenings of Bata-ville this weekend (Friday and Saturday evening) which couldn't have been more different ...

Many thanks to Jo Blair of City Screen for programming the film in their super relaxed basement cinema space in Greenwich Picture House on Saturday night. The screening room may only have 32 seats but they are the biggest I've ever seen! They recline back and have slots for drinks etc. It's always a boost to see you have a full house and they're squeezing in extra chairs at the sides ...

Sadly not so at the RCA, students there are so over stimulated (it seems) that you can only get about 25% of the ones you actually teach to attend a screening. Depressing though this was, it did remind me that Karen once confessed to missing a Ridley Scott lecture whilst studying there as she was indeed 'too busy'!

Anyway the Q&A after Saturday's screening couldn't have been more lively, and it was fascinating to see the type of audience that the film drew at a regular cinema (rather than a gallery). Some, I would say, were docs. fans, and many others had Bata connections, but I certainly didn't get the feeling that any were from a more regular 'art' audience ...