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The Island being set up at Wroughton

An Artist's Impression of Wroughton

I spent a fascinating (if rather filthy and tiring!) day on Friday at the Science Museum's 'large object' storage site out at Wroughton in Wiltshire. I was working with Ruth from the museum and Neil & Dennis who are based there to check and archive our largest ever 'object' art work - An Artists' Impression, which I am SO relieved to report now resides in the Science Museum collection. As you can see from this and other images it's quite a thing to store and Wroughton is quite something as a 'store'!

It was a real trip down memory lane taking all the bits and bobs out of boxes and re-locating them on the model. As the storage crates were a bit mouldy when they arrived they've been kept (to date) in this kind of holding bay hangar - now, in my fantasy, the pieces will all be individually loaded into the high-tech storage bays in the rest of the stores. In these rooms (which are in fact aircraft hangars) you push a button and whole walls of storage glide across to reveal layers and layers of strange objects. Our is now one of them.