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House of Ferment autumn tour!

The House of Ferment has a few exciting engagements coming up!

The Abbey Gardens Harvest Festival on Saturday 17 September I'll be doing a pickle / preserving demo from 3pm (sadly without the HoF pop-up larder!)

On the weekend of 24 & 25 September 2016 the full HoF roadshow (including the beautiful pop-up larder by Front, and special Mistress of the Fermented Drinks Francesca Ulivi) comes to the Harris Museum in Preston for two days of free, drop-in events with Grizedale Arts.

The Closer We Get - out on DVD & VOD

A wee fanfare to announce that our fourth feature film can now be ordered online on DVD & VOD:

Not only do you get the film (w/ optional English sub-titles) but there is also a wonderful bunch of Extra Scenes to enjoy.

Oh, and Somewhere is distributing the film ourselves with no middle man or woman - so you can feel good that your purchase goes directly to helping us keep doing what we do!

Save the Dates Oct 22 & 29: What's the Future for the Past?

We're delighted to be part of Cambridge's 2016 Festival of Ideas, with a clutch of rather wonderful free events:

Digging the Future (Tomorrow, Today) on Saturday 22nd Oct (a chance to learn archaeology by digging part of our installation at NW Cambridge)

Time Changes (Almost) Everything on Saturday 29th Oct (bring along a possession to have experts tell you how to conserve it, if it's possible to!)

What's the Future for the Past? on Saturday 29th Oct (pop-up exhibition of Prospection plus panel discussion on the future of heritage)

Booking for all of the above starts on Sept. 26 - follow the links above......

Glut in A Fair Land

Our Glut project with public works is now live, as part of 'A Fair Land' at IMMA Dublin, running till Aug. 28.

A strawbale barn and field, it has used around 600 bales of barley straw and over 200 courgette plants - the fruits of which are served Thursday - Sunday for lunch at 1pm. Do go along if you're nearby, it's spectacular (even if we do say so ourselves).

Pre-Order The Closer We Get - Full Cinema Cut & Extras

Thank you for all the lovely post-BBC feedback on the transmission last weekend, I watched it in Glasgow with my family and it was fun and also a bit surreal!

BBC rules dictate we cannot offer the full 87' cut yet, so in the meantime we can invite you to pre-order the DVD or Vimeo here - you won't regret it!

The Closer We Get - to UK TV!!!!!

It killed us to have to keep this under our hats, but the wise old BBC embargoed us releasing this information until this week! We’re thrilled to announce that The Closer We Get finally reaches the small screen on:

Saturday July 30, 22.40 on BBC2 Scotland

It then spends a whole month available to everyone on the iPlayer, allowing you and all your friends to catch it there too. One thing to mention – this will be the one-hour cut of the film, by the talented editor Mr Michael Nollet. It’s great – don’t get us wrong – just not AS great as the ‘director’s cut’ which you can only get from us, online and on DVD..... :-)

Spread the word dear Somewhere friends, you know we appreciate it.

Another prize for The Closer We Get

Many thanks to Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival for giving us their Women Filmmakers Award 2016.

It's spot on, given how many brilliant and talented women worked on the film - editor Alice Powell, producer & DoP Nina Pope, Kate Reid also on camera, Sally Hodgson our Distribution Producer, and interns Anne Carlin, Maria Duvidzon, Zoe Guthrie and Samantha Towle.

California buddies - The Closer We Get (to you)

Very thrilled to be selected to screen The Closer We Get in the Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival.
We screen in a cinema with the word 'Hollywood' in it, about which we are very excited !

Sunday 17 July, 15.00 - Ticketing & venue info here

ACME Hollywood Theatre
135 N. La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
United States

Another great design from Koby Barhad

Releasing Film No. 4 !

We're thrilled to have some dates at last for the forthcoming release on digital and DVD of The Closer We Get - thanks to everyone who's been getting in touch to ask when!

DVD available from Sept. 5
Vimeo-on-Demand from Aug. 31
Pre-order both from from Aug. 1st

Southend-on-Sea screens 'Bata-ville: We Are Not Afraid of The Future'

We're thrilled when our first film gets a big screen outing !

As part of Focal Point Gallery's splendid show, 'The Peculiar People', Bata-ville screens in Southend Film Festival at 2pm on Saturday May 21st.

Details can be found here...

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