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Photo: Nina Pope

Swansong at Sunset

Very nice to be in Bristol at the weekend to see our new film 'Repeat to Flourish' launch ... we've now worked with UP projects for five years programming the Floating Cinema and I did feel a bit sad on Saturday night as this is going to be the last programme we do together. We wish them every success with the on-going project, it's been nothing but a pleasure to work on.

On Friday Laura Harford (project curator from UP) and I got together with members of the cube cinema team (THANKS Hogge, David & Jamie) to talk about different ways of approaching exactly this type of project - which is a cinema in every sense of the word, but also independent of the often very restrictive constraints of the more established cinema and film distribution network in the UK.

Laura and I were both really inspired by chatting with the cube team - their project has lasted some 16 odd years as a loose collective, and they take the idea of being independent through every aspect of what they do - from fundraising (and writing their own crowd funding software to buy the cinema building) to film, music, food and drink. So, we were also very happy to host a Cube Cola Lab with Kayle Brandon ... leaving us a concentrated remender of cube independence to drink on our way back to London over the next few weeks.

SO come and enjoy the spirit of independent film afloat as we travel back to London - I will certainly miss the taste of it in years to come!

Still from 'Repeat to Flourish'

Mops across the ages ...

The Floating Cinema has made it to Bristol - and we're really looking forward to this week's programme of great events. Last night we kicked off with a small launch and the first screening of Repeat to Flourish - I was so busy chatting to some of the contributors I forgot to take any photos - so here one of my favourite stills from the film - showing mops across the ages! Prizes for those who can recognise the source films for these stills!! BIG thanks to Tim & Matthew Olden for all their hard work on the score and the ever patient Alice Powell for an epic archive edit.

You can find the programme for this week here

You can come and see Repeat to Flourish Saturday night as a prelude to the brilliant Penny Woolcock archive epic 'From the Sea to the Land Beyond'.

Repeat to Flourish

It's all systems go here at Somewhere this week, alongside editor Alice Powell we are peddle to the metal trying to finish our archive film (which travels along the route of the K&A from Bristol to London) to show on the Floating Cinema. One of my main jobs has been trying to track down permissions from the 80+ film makers whose work we are using. There have been many frustrating hours on YouTube and following up dead links BUT there have also been some wonderful discoveries.

Today Alice and I were celebrating getting in touch with Sandra the daughter of Eileen Mackay Higgins Antwis a fascinating amatuer film maker who made many cine films between 1958 and 1978 apparantly using a clockwork Paillard Bolex 8mm camera. Amongst these films is an amazing colour record of the CND London to Aldermaston march in 1959. It's beautiful footage and we are really lucky that Sandra has allowed us to use it. The news that she has granted us permission was, I must admit, tempered with sadness though - her mother also shot the Devizes to London Canoe race in the 1970's - another major feature of our film - sadly one that has yet to be digitised by Sandra!

We can't wait to unveil the film next week in Bristol ... on Saturday 11 July at the New Inlet in Bristol's Floating Harbour, 8-11pm or see it on any of the other return journey screenings as follows:

Bradford-on-Avon, 16 July, 12-4pm (on-board)
Devizes, 18 July, 8-10.30pm (open-air screening)
Honeystreet, 20 July, 12-4pm (on-board screening)
Newbury Waterways Festival, 25 & 26 July, (on-board screening)
Brentford Lock, 2 August, 8-10pm, (open air screening)

Soil Culture

You should know this - 2015 is the official UN Year of Soil.

I am showing a new work produced at Hauser & Wirth Somerset in this touring show put together by CCANW.
It opens in Bristol at Create (on July 4 (from 6pm - do come) running till August 26.

Create Centre
Smeaton Road
Spike Island

tel: 0117 925 0505

Nina Pope, Karen Guthrie & Rebecca Day at Filmhouse, Edinburgh

And Relax....

Gosh, that was the week that was.

Two screenings of The Closer We Get at Edinburgh International Film Festival and one at Open City Dcoumentary Festival in London.
A lot of (great) reviews.
One award (thanks, Open City!)
Much laughter and tears.
Many old friends :-)

Ye Olde Somewhere

Most ex-printmakers like us seldom see our old work getting the light of day, though of course in many private houses it's probably being enjoyed daily - in fact a buyer of one of my degree show prints from 1991 recently contacted me about buying another print 24 years later - and with a his (slightly) healthier bank balance!

So it was my good fortune to drop by GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow) to see 'Ripples in the Pond' a group show including two prints from 1992 by us - that's three years before we even started collaborating as Somewhere!

It's a fascinating show as it's conceived as a conversation between works by women on paper and moving image and was generated by partners Modern Edinburgh Film School, along with LUX Scotland and Glasgow Women’s Library. There is a screening room along with lots of very diverse pieces.

Our two small prints were created at Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop, a wonderful place where we both worked at one point, and they then we acquired by Glasgow City Council (I can't remember how) and until now have lived in a planchest in storage, so it's great to see them again and to know that they have interested someone enough to draw them out into the public eye again.

And on a library table in the show, there is a copy of the lovely 'Guide to Somewhere' produced for last years show in Kettles Yard!

AND the show runs until April 2016 - so no excuses if you are in town!

More about the show can be found here.


This is our final season programming the lovely Floating Cinema, so join us as often as you can this summer as we leave London for the first time and float to Bristol.

This Friday 5 June we kick off at Brentford with Kevin MacDonald's acclaimed film 'Life in a Day' - an epic collection of everyday brilliance, collated from 80,000 contributors from around the world.

Enjoy canal side refreshments, and find out more about our ambitious voyage and action packed programme of screenings, events and artists commissions that will unfold along the route.

20.00 Explore the Floating Cinema and enjoy canalside refreshments
21.15 Speeches
21.30 Open Air screening programme
23.00 Event ends


FREE, Booking essential, limited capacity available.

As there is limited capactiy, book online here via Eventbrite.

Please note the finale open air film is rated 12A and children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

European Premiere announcement!

We're thrilled to at last be able to tell you that our UK friends have some upcoming chances to see our new film THE CLOSER WE GET at long last!

We've been selected to screen at the wonderful Edinburgh International Documentary Film Festival and here are the dates you need:

Thursday 18 June 18:10
Cineworld 12
Fountain Park,
130/3 Dundee Street, Edinburgh EH11 1AF
Saturday 20 June 13:30
Filmhouse 3
88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH3 9BZ
Edinburgh International Film Festival Tickets / Bookings:
EIFF Box Office
88 Lothian Road
Edinburgh EH3 9BZ
Tel. +44(0)131 623 8030

Hot on those Edinburgh heels is this Closing Gala night screening at this state-of-the-art central London cinema!
Sunday 21 June - 18:00
Regent Street Cinema
309 Regent Street, London W1B 2UW
Tel. +44(0)20 7911 5050
Open City Documentary Festival Tickets / Bookings:
Open City Box Office, Festival Hub
Robert’s Building, UCL, Torrington Place, London WC1E 7JE
+44(0)20 7679 4907

We'll be at all of the above screenings - can't wait to see you there!

Karen and the Hot Docs gong!

Best International Documentary Feature at Hot Docs

What a week - our first ever trip to Hot Docs in Toronto for the World Premiere of The Closer We Get.

We screened twice to fantastic audiences - laughter, a few tears and many insightful questions afterwards for myself and our editor Alice who travelled out with me.

Then came the award ceremony evening at the wondrously-named 'Shangri-La' hotel, when we heard we'd won the top prize - amazing! Luckily a friendly producer took care of my glass award for the rest of the evening for me (thanks Dewi!) as it went a bit hazy after that...

We met so many fantastic film-makers and film fans it really was quite overwhelming, but a wonderful start to the film's life. We can't wait to tell you about the UK premiere, which we can do in a few weeks time, so do watch this space !

Today is the big day in Toronto ...

GOOD LUCK Karen & Alice for the World Premiere of the film today ... it's a been a long long journey to get here but so worthwhile, I can't wait to start reading the reviews as the film goes out into the big wide world at last today ... you two won't be awake as yet but when you are (as they would say in Largs) Weeeellll Done ;-)

For anyone else over there in Toronto too tickets are right here.

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