DAY ONE - Monday 18th March 1996

Strictly speaking we actually began last night in Leith - when we went round to visit Ruth and Al - we looked at the site and interviewed Ruth about her visit to a psychic - dave former baker from Dumbarton (she laughs at this) - what he actually told her was scarily acurrate though - second sight it seems is going to become a generic term for recording all things 'spooky'. The wierdest comment was he asked about hearing organ music - Ruth's father is the organist in Port Seton.

day one - desperate to get away from Edinburgh this morning - the weekend has seemed really long, as really we've just been waiting to leave and have very little actual time to do any work - more organising, packing etc. Still have a lot to get on top of in terms of technology we've never used etc.

Finally got into the car with all the stuff around 12 - two coiled springs of tension, Marie saw us off and we headed for Kinghorn to visit Dougie. Of course arrived later than expected (crossing Forth Bridge pretty exciting) but he gave us lunch and we chatted about the printmakers workshop, people we know and of course the project and Kinghorn. We went out and walked along to where they would have landed, saw Inchkeith a pretty unappealing grey blotch in the distance - guide book mention of dead seagulls with botchalism littering the island didn't really make you desperate to visit.

Dougie picked up his two kids and we set up to 'interview' them - also finally worked out how to get the images off the quicktake without resorting to getting the manual out from the depths of the car.

They went off swimming and we headed out with the gear - I'm slightly worried we actually have too many options available for recording information, we're constantly juggling equipment at present. Dougie had told us loads of stories about Kinghorn and the area (he grew up here) and later gave us maps of Sky and recommended a trip to West Wemyss - in our eagerness to reach this 'ghost village' we actually failed to even notice we'd driven through Dysart - so historical accuracy has already done out the window. West Wemyss was not disappointing though...

Staying tonight with Jean & Dick friends of Karen's mother, typing this from their dinning room table. Despite spending ages thinking about how best to structure this diary part of the site my mind is now totally blank & am predictably resorting to the stream of consciousness flow that always makes my cheeks smart whenever I read back over old dairies. I think I have to forget about audience to a certain extent and just get something on a page - the "so where are the changes? "emails have already started to come in.

Extreme nerves as to whether it will be possible to make any work in this way but also really excited by all the stuff we've seen today. Trying to wind down out of London preparation pace and remember a month is quite a long time. Lots of basic site pages that I still want to change or instigate aside from making pieces.