Strange day today - feeling rather overwhelmed and out of touch and also extremely sad at the news of Helen Chadwick's death. Rather ironically despite the numerous ways we are able to contact the outside world and 'they' us we had entirely missed this tragic news. It always seems inexplicable when someone so young dies but somehow she seemed so vital and in the middle of her life and career.

Both Karen & I were taught by her at Chelsea and the RCA where she injected new energy into the printmaking departments. Meeting her had initially been very nerve-wracking for me - I'd written about her 'Oval Court' as an undergraduate and was totally in awe of her work. She was, however, an extremely approachable frank and charismatic tutor - able to help on both practical and intellectual levels.

Over time I have remained impressed and moved by her work, you have to admire any artist who has the conviction to piss in snow - make something from this, carry the piece through to an exhibition and survive all the press flack AND come out on top! I still love the Oval Court imagery - as a student wandering into a show by a woman I'd never heard of at the time it blew me away. I remain moved and inspired by her work and saddened by her death - I am sure she too felt she had much much more to offer privately as well as to her public audience.