The last three days have felt like the longest in my life - even today seemed like 3 days rolled into one. Began with our first unsolicited email to meeting scenario - with John Armstrong...
>>Pittenweem!  You'll find worse as you go on!
>>I'm in Dundee, but I'll try to catch you in St Andrews tomorrow (Wed) as
>>I'll be in Fife on business.
>We're staying the night in Dundee (Wednesday) - so will be there in the
>evening & the afternoon if you'd like to meet up - what do you do?

we met at the unlikely venue of the 17th hole carpark by the golf course - pretty weird - sat in the car and told him about the project - interviewed him about second sight too - he had a story about his Father sensing something was wrong with him when he was little but in fact it was his sister who'd hurt herself - although he too had been pretty distraught. From here we intended to head straight for Dundee via Leuchars BUT Leuchars airfield lay-by proved our biggest pull to date. Drove in to find ourselves surrounded by cars full of men with flasks and white bread cheese sandwiches. Compelled to ask them what they were doing then compelled to stay and actually watch planes take of in the hail (can't remember what sort Rory but you missed yourself!) They were French though. We interviewed a small group of the hard core regarding their obsession with the planes and any second sight stories - forgot to mention we also got one in the second site bag from Mrs Hart at the B&B before our poached eggs had even settled.

The drive into Dundee was pretty special but did hit a bit of a low ebb when Lei Cox (our man at the art college) was no where to be found, all B&B's were seemingly full for a Levi's conference(?!) and we were caught in a one way system and then a pedestrian zone with the phone going in the back buried deep under all the shite that has inevitably piled up on the back seat.

Anyway, eventually booked accommodation and found Lei Cox and his phone line (that'll do nicely) ended up going for a drink with him and the rest of the staff still about from the department - also Cynthia Rueben arrived - an artist from the states - talked about ISEA, Pandemonium all the old favourites - then Lei & Mel had to leave to sort out their dog and home tiling problems. As if this 'electronic art meet' wasn't weird enough after the rest of today - arrived here to email from London telling us about Cynthia Rueben's arrival.

Had to calm down with a fish supper on the front watching the swans and spaniels.

As far as work goes it's not really happening! There are still allot of basic things we're trying to get right in terms of the structural pages...also whilst the diaries provide a good record they take a bit of time and I'm pretty much too knackered to make any creative decisions after this and a bit of grappling with the new web programme of my evenings choice! Karen is thrashing Page mill into shape but I'm plugging on with teach text too tired to learn new tricks. Did manage a new image last night though.

Pretty torn about tomorrows activities - I really want to visit the discovery - my partners penchant for the South Pole does extend to my interest in Scot and all things Polar - it's going to be tight though with a date to see an exhibition at the art college and the possibility of a scanner - real screen and digitising video we're a bit spoilt for choice.